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Fido's Travel Tips!


Sep 26, 2005, 10:20 PM

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Fido's Travel Tips! Can't Post

Traveling with your pet is one of the most rewarding experiences that a pet guardian can have. By taking very little effort, you can make a checklist of things to accomplish before leaving for your destination.

No matter the length of your trip, you should always keep in mind the safety and comfort for your child with fur. Here are a few reminders to make your trip a success:

  • When traveling with pets in extremely hot weather, you will want to make sure the air conditioning functions properly before you hit the road. Water is always a necessity no matter the weather condition so make sure you have plenty on hand for both you and Fido.

  • As far as feeding your pet, you might want to curb the usual amount so as not to create too many pit stops.

  • If you and your pet are the active sort, bring plenty of towels. You can wipe your feet at the door, but so far, to our knowledge, your dog will probably require some assistance to get the mud and gunk from his paws. Besides, if your dog is like most, they really don't mind the mud and gunk but your host will thank you for it!

  • If you know your dog will jump on the furniture and bed, bring a couple of sheets to use as 'cover-slips' during your stay.

  • Check ahead for daycare and pet sitters before you travel. The day will certainly present itself when you want to take in an event and Fido is not permitted. We suggest you don't leave him in the room alone unless he is kenneled. Even then, it's probably not a good idea unless yours sleeps all day and you know he won't bark his head off. A strange place brings out strange behavior and many hotels do not allow you to leave your pet unattended for any reason, kenneled or not.

  • If boarding your dog: Did you bring his health record? Better make sure you did because there is no admittance without them. Your vet would be able to fax updated info in case you forget, but if it's Sunday and you just decided to leave your dog in daycare, you'll be out of luck.

  • Work up to activity: If you have a coach potato at home and expect him to hike to the tallest peak on your vacation, you will probably be disappointed. Although he is sure to try and please you, give him the opportunity to work up to any extra activity. Start taking him out more often for extended walks and hikes before the big vacation so it's not a shock to his system and his paws.

  • Remember the first aid kit: Just in case of ouchies.

  • Safety restraints: When traveling by truck: Do not let your best friend ride in the back of a pick-up. Road debris can fly up and harm him and in case of an accident, he will have no protection. When traveling by car, use a special safety restraint or place Fido in his kennel which is secured. There are many sad stories of pets being used as projectiles during a car accident.

  • Airlines: All airlines differ in their policy of flying your pets. Be sure and check policy before planning your trip. Remember, you will probably have to fly your dog as cargo and the weather will dictate what time of year you fly, as cargo is not heated or air-conditioned. Temperatures can be extreme. Some airlines prohibit flying your pet during certain times of the year.

  • And finally, bring the usual from home; lots of toys and chewies, water, food, his dog bed or blanket and most of all, lots of hugs and kisses. Happy Travels!

Adapted from Fido Friendly..

Pacco de Mongrel
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