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Advices Needed for Basset Hound

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Aug 29, 2005, 10:25 PM

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Advices Needed for Basset Hound Can't Post


I need some urgent advice! Unsure

My husband and myself adopted a Basset Hound yesterday evening from his colleague's Friend. The poor gal was in such a poor condition that our heart just drop and cried on seeing her. We already have a 9 months old mix GR (Oscar) and thus we are very keen to have her to company Oscar.

The problem is her skin and her coat was so badly infested with fleas and ticks that its all bruised and swelled. To make things worst, the skin on her tummy was all hanging down. I know that Basset Hounds tend to have loose and elastic skin under her belly and on her paws but trust me, her condition was really really bad. Later I was informed that she was like that since she put on strict diet to shred off the extra pound. To make things worst, her nails was on average 2 inch long, I think she could feel her nails sinking into her skin everytime she walk.

Her was not bathed properly for so long that her body odour was so bad that we had to spring clean her so thoroughly and also applied Bayticol on her later on to remove the ticks and fleas. I really feel very very sad about her condition... Also makes me angry of the previous owner Mad

Can someone please advice if there is any special care and condition that I should look into when taking care of a Basset Hound? What is the proportion of feeding should I provide to her? Yesterday I prepared 1 cup of rice and 1 piece of bread for her and she was still hungry and was howling the whole night so I gave her additional 1 cup of dog food for her. However, she was still not contended and was howling all through the night. We are so worried and really don't know what else can we do for her. I hope that she was howling because she was sad to leave her friends in the previous owner's place.

Anyway, I will be bringing her to the vet later this evening. I do hope that she is in healthy condition. Really do hope that she would be happy being with us. One last question, is it possible to change her name now? The previous owner calls her "Fei Po" or Fat Lady in mandarin and she is so used to the name and would only react to this name only. Can anyone please advice?

Looking forward to your kind and constructive advice...


Aug 29, 2005, 10:30 PM

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Re: [ivylim] Advices Needed for Basset Hound [In reply to] Can't Post


pay attention to the ears too ya.. check if the ears got infection or not..


Sep 1, 2005, 10:31 PM

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Re: [ivylim] Advices Needed for Basset Hound [In reply to] Can't Post


since u r going to visit the vet, i think most of the problems whould be solved. my advice is although at this stage the best thing is visit to the vet & do according to the vet's suggestion, 1 thing u can do is to provide ur dog with GOOD food.

well rice is not a good choice as this will cause her teeth to filled with tatar & it is not nutricious enough, wat i wish to recomend is Canidae dog food which is proven & recommended by a reputable party (sorry i cant remember the name, saw it in a magazine) hopefully this will assist her to boost up her health.

do keep us updated abt the doggy yah, there are lots of ppl here willing to help.




Sep 4, 2005, 8:48 PM

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Re: [ivylim] Advices Needed for Basset Hound [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Ivylim,

How ur basset hound doing now???

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Sep 15, 2005, 10:11 PM

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Re: [chrisong] Advices Needed for Basset Hound [In reply to] Can't Post

Sorry for the late reply. Have been quite caught up with work and my 2 precious lately...

"Fat Lady" Basset Hound is recovering very well. Her coat is now much nicer and tick free, no more skin diseases or wounds... She is also starting to fight with Oscar (GR mix Spitz)... I would say she has receovered well...

However, now I starting to have another worrying issue. "Fat Lady" is starting to eat her own Stool... My hubby and me were so shock that she did that and sad... After her meal, we caught her tasting her newly baked stool. We run over and squad beside her and "the stool" and told her "NO" but she turn her head looked at us for 5 seconds and then continue eating it... We are so so worried... We doubled her meals and has been spending more time walking her to take her off this bad habit but she is still hooked on it... Now the vet has told us to go back to the usual diet as feeding her too much was unhealthy for her... We run out of ideas and plans now... What should we do????? Pirate


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