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******** TRUE story. When the 1 & only animal cruelty prevention officer does wrong, who is going to inspect them? When a situation where animals are safer in street rather than at home, what will you do? ********


Jun 24, 2005, 8:33 PM

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******** TRUE story. When the 1 & only animal cruelty prevention officer does wrong, who is going to inspect them? When a situation where animals are safer in street rather than at home, what will you do? ******** Can't Post

I do agree many of SPCA personals especially volunteers are sincerely in helping the animals. But I have to admit that not all are perfect. Wish to share my own experience..

When our group of animal rescuers rescuing pets, we face some difficulty when MPSJ realise we have more than the amount of pets allowed.

But the main point is we dont blame the person who complaint as she got the very right to complain, but what sadden us is SPCA inspector, Sabrina came to our house 1 day. She didn't inform us in advance & once she reach, she didn't call us. What she did is tried to open our gate number lock & we do have witness.

Once she entered she grab our pups & start to walk away, we saw the incident so we questioned her why she take our dog? She answered bcs we receive summons from MPSJ. We insisted that she doesn't has the right to take away our dog but she threatened that if we don't let her take the dogs away, she will ask MPSJ personals right away to come to our house & catch all our rescued pets which they will being put to sleep.

We have no choice but keep asking wether the pups she taken will be safe, she promised yes. As a result, the pups ended up at a lady's place who have hundreds of dogs, who definitely wont be able to take good care of her own, as she is doing alone. Not to mention adding any extra dogs, i mean pups! Some of the pups even ended up in a vet for boarding!

We don't wish to comment wether this is good or bad, since we are the victims so ppl might think our comments are 1 sided, thus we hope the public to give us some opinions.

Personally I have few points, according to my knowledge.

1) SPCA - Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals not suppose to act upon personals who receive summons from Councils, and this is the reason Sabrina gave us when took away our pups.

2) What does an Animal Inspector do?
"My main job is to investigate Animal Cruelty cases mainly domestic dogs and cats." This statement is said by our respective Sabrina Yeap. Definitely not to investigate council summons cases.

3) "We have to identify the seriousness of the case by carrying out investigation to look at the animals' condition and its living environment before communicating with the owner to find out the reason why the animal suffers in that condition." - by Sabrina Yeap.

Obviously she doesnt & had never communicate with us, and plan to give us a "surprise" She knows very well we are students and we are not suppose to be at home during weekdays, i wonder why she came on weekdays? Just fortunate we decided not to go to college that day.

4) "If the physical condition of the animal is very bad, we will file a report to the Jabatan Haiwan Enforcement Division for the officers to take action within 48 hours." - by Sabrina Yeap

She never give any reason about animal condition at out home is bad. The reason given is MPSJ summons which nothing to do with her job.

5) "The authority concern has the rights to consficate the animal. Jabatan Haiwan Enforcement Officers can prosecute the owner for animal abuse." - by Sabrina Yeap

This statement clearly stated that she need approval from Jabatan Haiwan Enforcement Officers in order to consficate our pets, her act is very ILLEGAL.

6) "We need evidence in prosecution." - by Sabrina Yeap NO evidence given at all!

7) "But the poor environment conditions is impossible to be proven in court and the cruelty cases is solely dependent on the physical condition of the animal, that is either a big wound or a broken limb." - by Sabrina Yeap

NONE of our pets suffered BIG WOUND or BROKEN LIMB. Indeed we are looking for such a pet then cure it.

8) What are the factors deterring youth from becoming a full time Animal Inspector?
"The factor is there is no animal welfare awareness amongst the youth." - by Sabrina Yeap

Sadly when a group of youth are trying help the helpless, this happens. All other factors didn't stop us, but what Sabrina Yeap did, had really stopped us.

9) We wonder this is Sabrina Yeap's personal decision or ordered by SPCA since this is very illegal & not following procedure. We also wonder why the pets are sent to else where which is in very bad condition & not suitable but not SPCA or authority's shelter itself. We heard that Sabrina Yeap brought reporter to Mdm Kang's place & criticise her great job, but if the place is really that bad, why are you sending our pups there?!! We do have photos as prove.

10) What really sadden us and made us regreted is ALL THE PUPS DIED except 1 who brought out by a good samaritan in bad condition! NO reason was given. NO explanation. She even NEVER informed us about this issue!! We need explanation & apology from Sabrina Yeap. We are considering to lodge a police report and consult to my father who is an experience police officer, we reserve the legal rights as well, this is adviced from 1 of our member's father's company lawyer, although we hope things to be settled firmly, but if things get worst, action will be taken.

When the 1 & only animal cruelty prevention inspector did cruelties to animals, who is the one to inpect them? We really regreted to save the pups, we should had left them there. Sorry, to all of these loving creatures...

We posted this is not to gain anything except justice, & we really hope the good samaritans out there to know & realise, not all the people out there are good, even if you are doing a charity work, there are still bad ones...




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