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Oh God! It's not working!


Jun 20, 2005, 8:51 AM

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Oh God! It's not working! Can't Post

Hi all

First of all thanks to Sally, Toy and Justindoggie for replying my previous post. Thanks a lot for the tips and yeah I tried the pointers out but it seems my pups are just plain brats! But they are soooo adorable... I did the whole carrying them to the toilet thing and I even sat in the toilet with them waiting for them to pee and poo poo at the right timing but they just got all scared and were shivering then started to whimper and they ended up crying. Crazy Then after a week, they finally could do it but the whole problem now is, the toilet area seems to be just the another addition of their new territory like it became the latest addition to their crazy peeing and pooping escapade spots! School started for me already and I can't go on following them about picking after them. I do crate them but only for a few hours and they don't do their 'dirty' business in their crates cos they have their mattresses and pillows in their crates. I feel so tired from school, piano lesson and dance practises and come back then clean the house before my parents freaks on me. My dad suggests that I should be strict with my pups saying I should cane them cos they won't listen to me. They do listen to me and generally they are very well behaved except for the running around peeing and pooping. I can't discpline them cos they are so cute and when I raise my voice with them, they seems to show much fear and remorse for their actions and the puppy look in their eyes staring at me, oh god, I just can't cane them or yell at them. Frown I know they are climbing all over my head, actually they do literally climb over my head to chew my hair. Pirate I spoil them cos my older dog Renny died 7 months ago and I just cannot forget him and Mr. Burns aka Thomas Alexander and Sideshow Bob aka Arthur Lorenzo reminds me so much of my honey Renny baby. I live in a duplex and I don't have a garden for them to do their business in and my mum is getting angry cos Mr. Burns and Sideshow Bob are running up and down and jumping on the leather sofa and sitting on my dad's recliner. Their pee is also destroying the wooden floorboards staining them and there are scratches! Pirate My room is always flooded with pee and it stinks, I used cans of Lysol already! I don't know what to do now except keep on mopping and cleaning. Nobody is helping me and I feel like I want to cry but I love them both so much.. Would they be better behaved when they grow up and understand that peeing and pooping everywhere is wrong? I really don't know what to do cos I miss my Renny so much and he was such a good boy and needed the least toilet training cos he was so smart that he knows that he should do his business in the toilet area and not like my crazy pups! Help!

K9 Maniac

Aug 1, 2005, 5:52 PM

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Re: [MargeSimpson] Oh God! It's not working! [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi! I feel with you and understand your frustration. Your pups donít know that this is bothering you and they do what is natural to them, UNLESS you teach (train) them what you think is appropriate behavior.
You might use the crate to ease the pressure on you, since they will not mess the crate, which is like a den to them.
Furthermore, you have to clean ALL the places they did pee or poop with some special cleaner (can find in pet shop), since normal soap will not remove the odor Ė at least not for the dogís nose. As long the odor is there, they will use this spot again and again.
Take them to the designated toilet area after getting up in the morning, after meals and before going to bed. Select & train a command for the pee & poop as well, but be careful and do not select a word that is commonly used during your conversation.
The problem should be solved within a month and both dogs should know the commands by then as well.
Good Luck.


Aug 2, 2005, 12:11 AM

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Re: [MargeSimpson] Oh God! It's not working! [In reply to] Can't Post

To induce ur pups 2 pee/poo at a certain spot, u can 2 try a liquid (cant remember d product name) which dey sell at most petshops in a small bottle. Just squeeze a few drops of d liquid onto newspaper or area where u want dem 2 do deir business n wait it out. D liquid gives out some kinda smell which induces dem 2 relieve demselves. Worked pretty well n my new pup knew where 2 pee/poo within a week.

But like joesmith pointed out, u really need 2 get rid of d previous smells otherwise ur pups will be tempted 2 do d same at d accident prone areas again.U may also wish 2 consider moving d peeing area outside eg. washing area, d toilet may just b too civilized 4 dem. Wink

On another note, r dey getting enof exercise n daily walks? Btw, great names 4 ur pups .

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Dog Kichi

Aug 2, 2005, 12:39 AM

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Re: [MargeSimpson] Oh God! It's not working! [In reply to] Can't Post

just another suggestion which i'm using... And seems to be successful about 60-70% of the time.

place paper where you want the doggie to pee/ poo. when the doggie want to pee/poo, carry the doggie there and let the doggie pee/ poo. at first might be difficult. doggie might still pee/ poo everywhere. so what i do is bring her to the pee, cane the doggie (not too hard) and tell her NO. then bring doggie to the paper.

when cleaning the pee, i use tissue. so i dab a bit of the pee from tissue onto the paper. as for the floor, i use dettol to wipe clean (for myself and doggie).

now, my puppy pees on the paper when she sees the paper. my puppy's only about 6 weeks old, so i dun expect her to be able to run from one end of the house to another (where the paper is). plus i dun think she knows the whole shouse yet!

with poo, if doggie poo somewhere else, i will try to catch the doggie red-handed. let her smell the poo, cane and then say no. then bring her to the paper. but i dun mark the paper with poo... ;)

Dog Kichi

Aug 2, 2005, 12:40 AM

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Re: [MargeSimpson] Oh God! It's not working! [In reply to] Can't Post

oh ya... when she pee on paper, commend and praise the doggie. say good doggie... and reward her. :)


Aug 12, 2005, 2:13 AM

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Re: [MargeSimpson] Oh God! It's not working! [In reply to] Can't Post

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First, get your floors really clean. Hopefully, its not carpet. Get an enzymatic cleaner at your petstore and apply liberally to erase the pee smell. If you have carpet, do the same. You must get ALL the spots.

Second, crate them for the better part of the day until they are trained. Take them out at scheduled times, more trips if they are young, but at the same time each day. Only give them a few minutes of freedom after doing their business.

Start taking them outside on a leash to do their business, forget the pee pee pads. Try giving them freedom in the house only one at a time and if you see them starting to pee, clap your hands or hit a table or a wall to make them stop. Dont take them out until their next scheduled time. This will teach them to hold it.

NEVER punish or cane them. It will only make them afraid to pee in front of you when you are outside. It will make your problems worse. A stern clap o f the hands or the wall is enough and ONLY if you catch them in the act. Punishing them later does nothing. They wont understand why they are being punished.

Do some basic obedience with them. Make them sit/stay. Make them follow a command before you pet them or give them any attention at all.

Lastly, this advise you will not want to hear. Consider rehoming one of the dogs. Two pups are extremely difficult to train and it seems you have a packed life with little time. It will be much easier with one dog.


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