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Big Barking Problem

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Jan 4, 2005, 3:17 PM

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Big Barking Problem Can't Post

Well about a month ago I got a beagle from the local shelter. He was very good untill one or two days after living with us he started barking at everything. Everything that makes a noise (games/kids/people coming in house) But he will do this even at night (while Im in bed). Now is there a way to fix this?


Jan 4, 2005, 7:49 PM

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Re: [Rckman] Big Barking Problem [In reply to] Can't Post

hello rkcman

i think your beagle have protective instinct towards your family...

i am not sure bout barking at games/kids.... my shih tzu always bark at strangers when they first step in the house (during night), but after a while, everything settle down....

maybe your beagle also lack of socialization, seldom meet with other dogs and other people..

hope this helps..

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K9 Maniac

Jan 6, 2005, 8:48 PM

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Re: [Rckman] Big Barking Problem [In reply to] Can't Post

the beagle that you got must have some bad owners, it's very rare to find pure bred at local shelter.

yes as misterstan mentioned, he lacks socialization but it's not too late to start. when he barks, tell him "quiet" if he stop, treat him. do this until he get it in his head. also kids/ games & ppl coming in the house. for kids, if u take ur beagle out for walk, get kids to pet him. or anyone small size, he must have been kicked my kids when he was at past owner. get him involved in things that u do.

beagle are active dog, don't expect your dog to just play at your backyard. bring him out for walks, make sure he sees as much things as possible. barking is a way of communication for dogs, if u understand this, u will know why your dog is barking. easy way is to see the tail when he barks, if tail is higher than body, he is barking due to dominance, protection and such, if he barks with his tail same level with body, he wants to let u know something maybe toy stuck under the chair or something. if he barks tail is down low or tucked in between his leg, he is scared.

beagles are pleasant dogs, they are good with kids. yours could either be "abused" or bad temperament. bring him out for walk at least 1 hour a day (if he is an adult) and you can see the barking may come down as i think he is bored. beagles are "itchy", remember they are bred to hunt fox and rabbits and they work in a pack. if they don;t feel part of the pack or no work for them to do, barking is almost an absolute solution for the any dogs to vent out.


Apr 2, 2005, 5:24 PM

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Re: [MisterStan] Big Barking Problem [In reply to] Can't Post


Snowy so good bark at strangers. Sidney just look abut dont bark. How arr? He's oledi 11 months old and doesnt bark at strangersCrazy.

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