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Parvo in Petaling St. pet shop


Dec 18, 2004, 5:55 PM

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Parvo in Petaling St. pet shop Can't Post

Parvo in Petaling St. pet shop

I bought 6 weeks ago a puppy in the pet-shop opposite the lottery shop in the corner of sultan st just before Petaling St.

It was a darling little pincher and I felt sorry seeing him in this misery – yet the shop was newly renovated and looked kind of bottom-acceptable.

He died within 3 days of parvo.

Parvo has a incubation time of 2 weeks. my vet told me that the puppy must have got this decease already by his breeder. He also told me that most kennel clubs here are aware that their members have contaminated breeding places and still accept them, since the entire kennel club is only run by breeders.

This is a conflicting interest as they will certify always what ever their members desire.

Under this circumstance – I cannot recommend buying any animal from pet-shops of any breeders, unless you have a recommendation from the vet of your trust. Rather buy it from a private source animal lover here in the forum – whom I would also not necessarily trust without a vet.

I have now 2 toy pins, boy and girl and could breed. I must admit, that the sheer possibility to become a breeder is kind of exciting. But my vet told me to think about this twice – the boy goes crazy during the 3 weeks while she is on heat and he does not know what’s happening to him… after she delivered the litter comes next problem of parting from those darling new puppies. So I abandoned the idea of becoming a breeder as I cannot understand how people can breed and part from those darlings. Would they do the same with their kids?


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