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is this a problem?

K9 Maniac

Dec 17, 2004, 7:38 AM

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is this a problem? Can't Post

hello all,

i am not sure this is a problem but it does get annoying. my puppy loves her walks very much but every since we first took her out till now (she is 5 months), she has her nose constantly on the ground sniffing out like a scent hound! sometimes she does pick up dead leaves which maybe potential harmful for her.

one time we were walking and she actually track down a kitten hiding in the drain. do you have experience with this, how do you let your retriever have her head up high like a toy doggie instead of her having her nose trying to locate dead people.Laugh is this really a problem or i just got myself a bloody good tracking dog?

thanks for input.


Dec 17, 2004, 8:26 AM

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Re: [kelsey] is this a problem? [In reply to] Can't Post


hunter used to pull me all over the place on leash sniffing out grounds and marking territories (I would be dog-surfing behind). Problem was only fixed after a lot of heelwork training and not to forget, maturity. He just turned 4 not too long ago and it is obvious that age do made him more of a gentleman.

My 2nd dog is currently like when hunter was young, will risk my life pulling me across the street full of cars for a cat poo-pooing by the roadside!

Anyway, as you would have already know GRs take time to mentally mature and normally about 2 years old you will see the difference - gentler, calmer (in most cases). You could stop little Roxy from sniffing the ground too much by distracting her with toys or treats and talking to her to keep her attention to you. You could also give a quick tug on the leash while saying "leave" and praise as she gets back to you. just have to make sure you're consistent and within time she'll get the idea.

For obedience I would give light jerks on the collar as i would prefer my dog not to sniff the ground during heelwork. but for regular walks, i am less strict. as long as they are not pullling me like a mad person or eating things off the ground, i say why not? :)

ps: my puppy is starting to sniff trees now and godness he looks like he's an expert! :o i wouldn't see it as a problem, just a normal dog behavior and a curious puppy!

K9 Maniac

Dec 18, 2004, 6:11 PM

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Re: [hunter] is this a problem? [In reply to] Can't Post

hey hunter,

thanks for the reply. i actually do give her a light jerk. she doesn't seem to sniff when she is next to me heeling but when she in front of me, she will sniff like wanting to make sure the ground won't collapse in front of me..so cute!

she sometimes heels pretty nicely and sometimes too excited seeing children. she is yes still very much excited with other ppl. need to train her. but as u would have already known, sniffing the ground has made her sick for a day now and she is recovering. she is missing 2 days walks already and i don't think she like it as she keeps on bringing her collar to us.

btw, i wanted to ask you, we want to enrol her for basic classes. what do they teach in basic classes? she knows her commands, the basic like sit, stay, come here, wait, look, heel, stand, down, lie down & NO. 95% of the time she will obey all this. do i need to enrol her in basic class or should i go a step further? as she isn't obedient to my hubby, i think he will go for the classes and i will watch. amazing she will do as i say and try to play bully with the hubby.


Dec 19, 2004, 9:56 AM

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Re: [kelsey] is this a problem? [In reply to] Can't Post


aww, bringing the collar to mummy and daddy? cute :D. Being excited seeing children is simply a normal thing for a puppy (or a grown dog) to do, perhaps a good way is just to let kids play with her and let her get used to it.

In the basic classes they teach heel, sit, down, come, sit stay, down stay, stand. i strongly believe most dogs with the help of home-schooling will be smart enough to perform all these commands at home 100% (or even more!). But you will really get only 50% (or even lesser!) if the command was given at a place full of doggy scents on the ground, children watching and hot weather. There simply are too many distractions. That is when classes like these will benefit her, not only for early socialization, but to condition her to perform the commands at different and difficult environment.

i would advise you to learn and ground up the basics in basic class first so that it will be easier for you (and Roxy) to catch up shall you wish to enter her into competition level in future as upon entering higher levels, the trainers pretty much consider that your dog is capable of all the commands learnt from basic level and will focus more on refining your dog better for competition.

lastly, just my 2 cents, it is more encouraged to have the dog trained by someone she obeys better. the dog will then be more attentive to the handler and training will be more effective. if it is on the other way round (you standing outside and hubby inside) your dog will be distracted busy looking for mummy and will not pay attention in class hence the training will not be effective. (extreme cases like this happens... like when parents send their 8 year old son to train a 1 year old GSD. or their maid to train a little shih tzu. sigh.)


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