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A Japan Novel talking about whole life of a special Labrador...

K9 Maniac

Dec 12, 2004, 1:01 AM

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A Japan Novel talking about whole life of a special Labrador... Can't Post

A real story novel from Japan talking about whole life of a special Labrador which lead a blind-man.

This novel was popular in Japan in few years ago, now....it has become a movie and

popular in HK and Taiwan too.

Story summary...

In 1986/6/25, a women's female Labrador has born five puppys. Aftrer that, the women saw

a black chop on a puppy body. The chop looks like a bird flying in the sky. This puppy's name

"qiang na sheng" (=_= i don't know how to exchange the name huh).

The women always hope she can training her puppys become a blind-leader,

but the first condition which become a blind-leader is...the puppy parents must are the blind-leader line.

"qiang na sheng" father is a blind-leader, but she mother isn't.

The women's friend meet a blind-leader trainer and the trainer is understand what the women hope.

He just approve one puppy to have a chance for train only......At last, the women is choose the puppy

which have a cute chop on it body---"qiang na sheng".

Before it having the training, it must have to stay in another family for 1 year.

This is "qiang na sheng" the first leave.....

(= =a i have told you all a lot of this story huh)

Btw, this story is very suitable for all people.

I have buy it from Taiwan internet book store.

A lot of web site of this novel in taiwan too.

Just search it in taiwan yahoo and type the keyword"quill"

remember all website in taiwan are using traditional chinese word heh.

you can find many of intro. for this story.

So....i know my english grammar is not pretty good huh~

Please forgive me >o<a

This web is what i feel the best of quill,

they have a short movie too~



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