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Attention everyone in this forum

Dog Kichi

Oct 12, 2004, 7:24 AM

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     Attention everyone in this forum  

Attention all,

I have a declaration to make here. Pertaining to the case tat involved personal defamation towards Mr Gan from Golden Retrievers, I, Terry Kwan, real owner of ID ohmybeagle, would like to express my apology to Mr Gan for letting my ID fall into a wrong hand that eventually caused so much misunderstanding and hatred. Simon Yip, i suppose, the real culprit behind this defamation, was someone i met at RDO day earlier on. We had a good chat and he managed to gain my trust and i carelessly gave my ID and password to him seeing that he was a decent guy. He also promised that he would register a new ID himself later and that he only wanted to log in and see what's there in the forum. I admit to Mr Gan that it's my naivity that caused him the unnecessary problems and i apologize for the mishap. I will learn my lesson and will never expose any personal details to strangers next time. Sorry everyone for causing a hooha in this forum. Lastly i stress that the defamation has nothing to do with me at all and i am also a victim of this sabotage. Thank you.


Terry Kwan

K9 Maniac

Oct 12, 2004, 10:57 PM

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     Re: [ohmybeagle] Attention everyone in this forum [In reply to]  


What we doggie people have in common is, we take our dogs as our pride, friend, partner and occasionally 'slaves'. Instead of experiencing friendship, sharing of knowledge and advancement in breeding for the best, the experience garnered is instead about jealousy, discontentment, sore loser, taking advantage of others, betrayal, distrust, cheating, defaming others, blaming others for their own fault, run fellow doggie people down, character assasination, threats, lawsuits, biasness and so on, it is almost becoming as deadly as the real politics. Since my involvement in dogs with a Pedigree German Shepherd belonging to my grandma in 1971(year I was born) and in 1976 a mongrel and in 1980 a doberman and eventually participated with MKA in 1997 and expelled in 2001 and reinstated in 2002, I don't find much health in this hobby from fellow dog kakis! Everyone is a sore loser one way or another and in the shadow of democracy practising freedom of speech, people becomes vocal and forgets about the fundamental of human values! In a society, we cannot deny that hierachy existed and the higher ranking people whether is given with titles or those proven themselves to lead, should be given due respect, there is something call due respect and something call earned respect. Before we give someone his due respect he has to earn it but when he earn it, we have to give him the dues. There are far too many younger people today wanting to be given due respect by crying for attention, and what is worst is that they ended up crying for negative attention. And with negative cries, they are inviting horror into their door steps. One must live up to what they say, otherwise, it is better to shut up and let others think he is stupid rather than open his mouth and remove that doubt, this is Abraham Lincoln's quote and not mine!

For the case or Terry Kwan (ohmybeagle/1), it is a lesson learned by many of us. Everyone has an excuse and a reason behind a wrong doing. The truth will surface in time to come. I, accepted his apology and will put this behind and instead invite him to be a friend in the spirit of puppy.com friendly approach. Whatever mistake done whether he posted a wrong thing or given someone his password for his username serve a lesson to himself and many others. Therefore, I hope all of us are united with a common interest, to provide the best we can for and with our dogs. The battles are to unite against cruelty, bad puppy farm breeders, against the authority who are unfair in their rules of dogs' ownership, breeding out health problems and into the correct conformation and sharing of dogs' knowledge. "In Dog We Trust". Thank you.

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