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Help me save my dog~~~

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Jan 17, 2003, 11:39 AM

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Help me save my dog~~~ Can't Post

Dear all, my family just had a puppy - bel. She's just been with us for four months. But something terrible happened to her today!

Bel's a miniature pinscher. She's been active all along. Recently, about 3 weeks ago, patches of her hair started falling, n there'r some itchy red spots all over her body that she kept scratching. We brought her to a vet. He simply insisted it's insect bites n prescribed some antibiotics. But she doesn't seem to improve at all with the med.

Then my dad brought her to the 2nd vet yesterday. She was given a jab of prednisolone n prescribed some more prednisolone n some antifungal drugs. Things started to look well this morning as the skin seemed to improve.

We left her at home today around 3pm, but when we got home at 6pm, she looked TOTALLY DIFFERENT. She was sooooo restless, tired, and the worst thing was her legs were so weak that every single step she made she'll fall. She couldn't even sit properly now. She doesn't feel like eating or drinking now. How heartbreaking it was to see her this way!

We phoned back to the 2nd vet n the only thing he stressed about was "EVERYTHING HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE JAB", even before we mentioned about whether her symptoms now were related to the jab. He crapped through that Bel needs some calcium. We phoned around n knew that it shouldn't be because of the calcium coz Bel is not having symptoms of having a fit. Obviously this crappy vet wanted to keep himself away from being sued by us. Guess what he hanged up the phone before I finished my words. We understand that pple made mistakes n we're not gonna sue him. We do not blame him for his crappy skills, but his attitude really put us off!

As we've pretty much lost confidence with vets here in JB, we couldn't do much now except for waiting until tomorrow n bringing her up to KL, probably to see a vet there (Bel's born in my sis' bf's place in KL).

I would just like to ask what I should do right now as I'm a medical student and I feel I could do something else now apart from waiting.

Is she having some kind of allergic response to prednisolone? or is she having some kind of secondary infection due to prednisolone? Or is it something else? What should I do? R there some symptoms that I can check? and what should I ask from the vet when I bring her to see another vet (hopefully a nice one)?

I'd appreciate any help/opinion. Feel free to add in letting off anger about the crappy vet.Mad

p/s: I'm not telling u guys who the crappy vet is, but if something happens to your pet, consider twice if u want to bring him/her to Clinic Kxx of Taman Tun Aminah (not just becoz of his skills, but becoz of his attitude)


Jan 17, 2003, 1:54 PM

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Re: [beibei] Help me save my dog~~~ [In reply to] Can't Post

Sorry that i don't have the knowledge to help you out. But I wish bel could meet a good vet and get well soon.
Thanks for telling us about your experience so we could be aware of irresposible vet.

Good Luck!

--I have Howling Bean and Lazy Mack.--

Canine Addict

Jan 17, 2003, 5:03 PM

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Re: [beibei] Help me save my dog~~~ [In reply to] Can't Post

It seems she probably have fungal infection or allergic to something. I know how you feel because my girl was heavily drugged with antibiotics and it has a toll on her kidneys and liver. Sunnie is 4 months old and the antibiotics were too much for her. I've stopped all her vet medication now and she's on probiotics and other herbal remedies. NOt effective immediately but at least she's happy about it now...Anyway, you should take her to a more reputable vet for a proper diagnosis.
With warm regards,
CY Phang

Mummy of Sunnie, the happy, cheeky and naughty female shih tzu pup

Dog Kichi

Jan 17, 2003, 9:16 PM

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Re: [beibei] Help me save my dog~~~ [In reply to] Can't Post

hi beibei,

sorry to hear about that. I know how you feel, because when my furkid 4 months old, he pengsan. We also nearly pengsan. May be your furkid is virus infection as cy said. sorry that I also dont have this kind of experience.

best regards

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Jan 17, 2003, 10:05 PM

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Re: [fxueyu] Help me save my dog~~~ [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks all. Amazingly when i woke up this morning, Bel started to walk again!!! Smile I hope she's only suffering from a bit of overdose... n hope things go well after her body's cleared of the drug. But it truly scares us as she's our first pet~

Another thing, my mum just told me the 2nd vet was once her good fren. Hmmm... don't know what to respond when i heard this.... Crazy


Jan 18, 2003, 12:58 AM

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Re: [beibei] Help me save my dog~~~ [In reply to] Can't Post

Hai beibei!! hope bel will geting well. May be u can try to ask other vet. Is true some of the Vet are no responsible , so true to look a good vet for her!! Smileshe will be well cos has a good mum!!Sly
~~~ AsHLeY ~~~

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