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BT not eating

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Jan 14, 2003, 9:42 AM

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BT not eating Can't Post

Unimpressed I have posted here before about my Boston Terrier Autumn not eating. Well she goes thru times when she will eat with

How can I tell if my pet has a fever?
Category: Canine,Feline

Is there a good way to figure out whether my pet is running a temperature?

Use a thermometer.

The normal body temperature of a cat or dog at rest is 99 to 101F. If your pet is acting sluggish or depressed, is reluctant to eat or move around, is panting or breathing rapidly, or feels warm to the touch, it is exhibiting symptoms of a fever. The most accurate method of determining whether an animal has a fever is to use a rectal thermometer.

As with taking the temperature of an infant, the thermometer should be shaken, lubricated with petroleum jelly, and inserted about one-and-a-half inches into the rectum. It is helpful to have someone hold and distract your pet while its temperature is being taken.

If the reading is above 102.5F, you should contact your veterinarian. A temperature of 105F or more will require an emergency visit to a veterinarian. If the pet holds a temperature above 106F for very long, it could suffer serious adverse effects, including permanent brain damage and death.



enthusiam and then not eat at all. The latest trick I tried was parmesan cheese and she loved that for about 3 days. Now she won't eat again. I have tried apples, and a perscription supplement they all work for about 3 days and that's it. She is now on 1/2 puppy chow and 1/2 Nutrapro (sp). When she hits these not eating days she seems depressed and tired, not her usual self. I have check with the vet and she says she looks healthy, she is just going to be small. I don't know, I am going to buy a thermoiter to take her temp. I hate to try this, but at times she feels very warm. She is very sluggish when she is getting out of bed in the morning, she does her thing and wants to go back to sleep. This sometimes is a clue that she is not going to eat. Help


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