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New owner of Golden

New User

Jul 21, 2004, 6:14 PM

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New owner of Golden Can't Post

Hi ,

I am new to this puppy.com. I owned a Golden name Cupid . Now he is 8 months old. I never owned a pedirgee before so Cupid is really my darling, my everything!!! I think he got skin allergy, smelly ears... I worry about his condition.My family think that I over reacted! Can you guys share some of Golden skin allergy with me like why his "under" coat looked 'reddish' instead of cream(he is more in cream colour than usual golden). I really appreciate that! Thanks.


*Sorry if I no good in describing the dog's body part.*


Jul 22, 2004, 9:46 PM

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Re: [cupid] New owner of Golden [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Cupid,

Glad to hear that you have, a Golden Retriever. I also bought mine at about 7-8 weeks.

Now He is around 10 weeks. You can see him at this page.

Since both of us are new we can shared ideas.

Warm Welcome!
A Dog is for Life, Not just for Christmas


Jul 23, 2004, 1:46 AM

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Re: [cupid] New owner of Golden [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Cupid

For golden, remember to keep the ears clean by wrapping a cotton wool or tissue around yr finger and wiping each earhole. You will find that he will have lots of brown yucky ear wax. That is bcos of their floppy ears, it does not hv ventilation to dry.

Do that on a weekly basis should be good. If u see him persistently scratching his ears, then he may have ear infection. Despite cleaning and scratching does not stop, time to visit the vet.

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Jul 23, 2004, 2:14 AM

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Re: [sbt] New owner of Golden [In reply to] Can't Post


What a lovely Thunder you have, I assure you that in future you will find more happiness from him. I got Cupid when he already 3 months old. He is very shy n timid, not like Thunder. But as time passed by, I discover that he really likes to please everyone in the family especially female. He will be very active n playful around girls, women, ah ma... But guys, he seem a bit scare to approach them. I am very lucky to have him although sometimes he just a bit too naughty. His favourite are grazing grass in my little garden n retrieving ball or whatever that he can hold in his mouth. I tried to teach him not to graze the grass but he just repeating it!! Oh dear!!


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Jul 23, 2004, 7:28 PM

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Re: [Zoe] New owner of Golden [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Zoe,

I think Cupid need to visit vet cause his ear problem is getting worst these few days. I found red marks on the ears n he just kept scratching them . I hope his ear infection is not that bad.


Jul 28, 2004, 1:40 AM

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Re: [cupid] New owner of Golden [In reply to] Can't Post

usually it is yeast infection. very common on floppy ears. just send to vet and confirm and they will pass you some drips. will clear in 5 days la. then your dog wont have that smell oozing out of the ears again.


Canine Addict

Sep 1, 2004, 1:46 AM

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Re: [cupid] New owner of Golden [In reply to] Can't Post

              Actually i'm not so clear of GR puppy...but u can try 2 get a Nutri-Coat from petshop.

Bout the ears problem i think Zoe she was rite.U had 2 clean it everyweek and remember 1 thing if u bath wth ur dog dont let the water get into ur dog ear if not it will more smelly


Oct 19, 2004, 4:36 PM

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Re: [dogslover] New owner of Golden [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi, I recenly just got myself a Golder name Ben. He is about 7 weeks. This is the first time i have dog so alot of thing is new to me.

So i hope through this forum, all the expert will help me with some of my doubt.

MY Doubt: -

1) How much should i feed him? Currently i feed him twice a day and each time i give him about 5 spoons (Those spoon we use it for drinking soup). But i feel he is not enough and always want more. What should i do? Should i feed him more? What is the maximum i should feed him coz he is still so young. Pls advise

2) Should you think i need to feed him with some Kalsium (in the form of liquar and mix it with water)?

3) Can i bath him everyday ?


Oct 20, 2004, 1:53 AM

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Re: [o012cs] New owner of Golden [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm just sharing my experience. Please don't only relay on this information, puppy's are different in needs and character.

It's said that 7 weeks is the most crucial time of your puppie's life, much of the character, fears and bad habits are picked up during this period. I would say purchase a GR owners manual for some extra reading, or do some online research.

1) Feed him based on his weight and how active he is (crazy little devil vs. shy boy). Give him plenty of water and a good diet (i recommend good quality food for pups). But also try not to keep changing his food (my mistake). Remember what you do now will effect your pup's future. I gave my GR@8weeks 200g (i think cannot remember actually) of food a day.

2) If you buy puppy food, the nutritional values in the food should be sufficient. But its never bad to give more... ask your breeder or vet for advice.

3) NO! once a week would do. Becareful to keep him warm don't let him catch a cold. Becareful not to wet the inside of him ear, the GR floppy ears calls for some attention, read about ear cleaning and do it frequently. OH YA and don't leave himin the toilet... its not good for him.

I wish you and little puppy well :)


- A dog is for life, not just for Christmas -


Oct 20, 2004, 5:54 PM

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Re: [Ballistic] New owner of Golden [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks for your reply, It really helpful for me i guess :-)

Ben is very very naughty. How should i train him? Can anyone share his experience with me on how to train GR ? For example, toilet training and other tricks

Thank You Wink

Canine Addict

Oct 20, 2004, 7:06 PM

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Re: [o012cs] New owner of Golden [In reply to] Can't Post

no u should not bath it everyday it will get sick...ermmmmm calsium i think stilll no need lar....once it grow up thn u jst gve it to it lar....


Oct 21, 2004, 2:43 AM

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Re: [o012cs] New owner of Golden [In reply to] Can't Post

Well i can't say much about toilet training, i take him out for walks and he
realizes that he rather do his business on ground vs. porch. Its just more
natural i guess :)

So he waits for me to take him out before he does his business. But since
Ben is still so young, his bladder control is less effective, so expect some
'oops' and 'oh no'. Like i say buy a training book and do the training
yourself. I'm a strong believer for training your own dog :) its hard work
and needs a lot of patients but its good fun for you pup (coz u spend time
with him) and good learning for you.

We often forget that dogs don't speak our language and assume they
understand. Just remember you dog already know how to sit, stay down and so
on, what you need to do is to match the words we use to their behavior.

Good boy

have a nice one.

- A dog is for life, not just for Christmas -

K9 Maniac

Oct 21, 2004, 6:07 AM

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Re: [o012cs] New owner of Golden [In reply to] Can't Post


7 weeks...ahh...how i missed those moments when my GR is 7 weeks. she is now 12 weeks and begining to look more like a GR than a stuffed toys that moves..:)

1. what i am saying is probably going to contradict with what the others is saying but as it was stated different puppy has different needs. when my GR is 7 weeks, i used to feed her 2 handful of kibbles and mix with water to soften it up. she would normally gobble it all up, never tempt to add more. dogs will eat anything till they throw up!. feeding her should not be based on performance. this is not the time to feed her and calculate if she does exercise today or not as she is growing. if she finishes the 2 handful of kibbles easily, perhaps u should increase in the next feed but the key is to feed small meals twice / 3 times a day. NO FREE FEEDING. if after 15 minutes she dioesn't want to eat, take away the bowl. it's about disciplining him.

2. i don;t advise u to feed him with calcium as a lot of it could aggravate Hip dylapsia. it's best that u feed your puppy the best dog food for the 1st 12 months so he will get good nutrition for growing. i would avoid puppy formula as they contain too much protein and other stuff that makes the puppy grow so fast. puppies that grow so fast will suffer when they are older. HD is very common in GR and u need to monitor this. i feed my dog Canidae, as it's a formula for all age. plus it has 10 skin & coat conditioner which will make any GR proud. of course Canidae is only 1 reason lah..i brush her everyday...so her coat looks really shiny.

3. he should not be bath everyday. every 2 weeks or even 3 weeks is fine. or even only when he smell then u bath him. they are generally water dog but bathing her often will make her coat look dull, plus they have double layer of coat(undercoat and outer coat). and if u bathe him, u need to make sure he is properly dried. use a hairdryer if necessary..tune it to medium setting and if ur hand is hot kena the hairdryer then u have to put it far abit from ur puppy. i however don't advise u to bath ur puppy till he has taken her 2nd shot. right now he is very susceptible to disease, 1st shot by the breeder will not anything as he already has immunity from his mother's milk. i suggest u keep ur puppy in your house until her 2nd shot, then u can start bringing her out. this period is very important to see if she has any disease.


toilet training..when my puppy reached my house, first thing i did was brought her to my balcony. (i live in a condo) and she peed!!haha so i have been bringing her to the same spot. rule of thumb, bring him outside to pee(whereever u prefer but make sure u don't change ur mind, later ur puppy also become confuse) after a meal, after a nap, when waking up the morning, when u see him sniffing the ground in circles, when u see him squatting (male pups will squat when they pee),immediately take him outside and praise him like "good dog" or "good boy" once he does his p/p. if u r consistent and dedicated enough, ur pup should be able to do his p/p by himself by 9 weeks.

this period is also very important for him to know his name. use his name a lot..call him..he may not understand but when he does, you can call his name so that he won't chew ur favourite shoes for example. never call his name to punish him. another important training tool is the word "no" never shout at ur dog, he will think u r playing with him, this is true for barking. but i always think dogs do things we don't like cause we lead them to do so. for eg, if u don't want your puppy to chew on shoes, keep ur shoes on the shoe rack and never let him to chew even and old shoe. i normally would gently close my puppy's muzzle and growl with the word no.i will not look away till she looks away or blink. this is especially true to tell him u r the boss.

this is not the time to make friends with ur puppy, they need a boss. you must train them with basic commands. it's never too early to train ur puppy. my time frame lah ok..some may be different. when my GR was between 9 - 10 weeks, she knows how to sit, come, her name, toilet trained, she stayed lah for like 10 seconds. but at 12 weeks, she will not take food unless i say ok, she will sit and greet me when i come hime instead of jumping on me cause she is going to be 50 - 60 pounds when she is big, cannot afford to ask her to jump on me when i get home, she will come when i call her name, she knows her commands by hand sign only (no voice) and she also knows her commands by voice only. of course all this comes with proper training and dedication. she has never been to obedience class. these are some commands that she knows...there are more..

crate training is very valuable for me. as i work 8 hours aday. the crate is not a bad thing, it's a very important tool to teach puppies. u probably have a crate for ben already? if not i can also share with u how i crate trained my GR and she doesn't even bark! of course above all this, without you hugging him and loving him, he will never listen to u..so adequate love (not spoiling him) and proper training, u will have a great dog. goldens are generally easier to train and good with other pets and kids but without proper training, they can also be very bad dogs.

with proper training, love and care, u will have the best doggie companion and will be hard to replace him. i think u will also find www.landofpuregold.com very useful..it is made by someone in USA but it's pretty good.


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