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my beagle makan poo poo


Jul 9, 2004, 9:49 AM

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my beagle makan poo poo Can't Post

Frownhey!!anyone knows why my beagle like s to makan her own poo poo.Lola is also picky about her food.the kibble will stay there for 1 whole day and she still refuse to makan.oredi seen doctor,nothing is wrong.............


Jul 9, 2004, 6:23 PM

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Re: [wong_fui] my beagle makan poo poo [In reply to] Can't Post


your beagle might be hungry that is why he eat poo poo. but if with the kibble staying there untouch, then I am not sure about that. Maybe he/she is bored wit kibble, ekeke... BTW, my beagle also loves to eat his poo poo. One of the solution told by ohmybeagle (user) is that to put spicy powder such as wasabi, chili powder, cili padi , etc on their poo. He/she might stop eating poo poo. Or you have to give it something to eat after it poo to prevent it from eating poo (means it has other food more delicious to eat than poo poo). ANother solution is that you clean the crate fast (get rid of poo poo asap). Hope whatever i say helps you.

Coplimentary to Jaytan and Ohmybeagle WinkSmileTongueCoolAngelic

Dog Kichi

Jul 11, 2004, 9:45 PM

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Re: [wong_fui] my beagle makan poo poo [In reply to] Can't Post


your lola refuses to eat most probably becos u keep the food there for her too long. U must learn that discipline to your dog is a crucial point in having a well-behaved dog. So next time do not pamper her and just set a specific time to feed her and follow that time strictly everyday with the same amount too. Make sure u are feeding her the right amount and make sure the kibbles are of good quality and not expired. Sometimes when ur dog is over one yr old they eat only one meal per day and if they are not the active kind even less. so dont overfeed. you must take away her food after let say 20 mins if unfinished or even untouched. This is to teach her to learn that no more food other than feeding time so she would quickly finish it before u take that away. It's fine for a dog to starve for one whole day with provision of drinking water. So if this persist u might want to try to starve her one day and see how's her appetite after that. And also pls consider trying a few brands of dry kibbles and find the one that she likes. Some dogs are picky but u must nv indulge her too much. remember that she is supposed to follow ur instructions and not u following hers.....so start now and dont leave the food there too long ....not even more than 30 mins.....and lastly...spend more time playing with ur dog or even talk to them....haha...this will kill their boredom and they will become more lively and getting interest in more things even their food......hope this will help.....oh yah.....make sure she gets deworming every now and then...preferably every month......


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