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watch dog-what to choose?


Feb 1, 2002, 9:28 PM

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watch dog-what to choose? Can't Post


I am looking for a shortcoat watchdog which should look intimidating but good with my kids. Based on all the published materials whether on the net or Books, all the known working breeds like the Boxer, Doberman, Bull mastiff, Rottweiler,Bull-Terrier are difficult to handle, temperamental etc. Then you have the GSD which seems like the ideal dog but has shedding problem. The Lab looks too nice to be visually inntimidating.

Assuming I dont have much other choices than the shortcoats I have mentioned, can I send the dog to be trained to be a good watchdog. I am weary of trainers who use very rough and abusive methods to train as it may affect the dog mentally and be potentially dangerous to the owner later on.

My neighbour has 2 mixed Rottweilers who are kept in their kennel in the day and let out at night.They do not bark except when you get too near their property. They also seem to know that we are the neighbours and dont bark as we go about our activities but will bark if some other people like tradesmen are about. I observe that during the night, they will patrol the compound and will bark when they sense movement or noise outside their property. On one occassion, my neighbour told me that her dogs were barking like crazy and asked if I noticed any signs of intrusion into my compound. low and behold I discovered footprints in my flowerbed and dirt on the perimeter wall. A week ago, my alarm went off and one of my window was prived open. I am determined that a pair of good watch dog like my neighbours will give me peaceful nights.My neighbour said the dogs were sent for training when they were about 1 year old but they didnt know how they were trained and has lost contact with the trainer.

I would like to have pure breds.I read in the web that Dogo Argentina are excellent watch dogs with even temperament Any local breeder in Malaysia? Perhaps some of you experienced dog owners can share your thoughts and give some advice.


Canine Addict

Feb 2, 2002, 2:25 AM

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Re: [HWONG] watch dog-what to choose? [In reply to] Can't Post

Dobermanns difficult to handle, temperamental etc.?? I beg to differ. I own a Dobermann, and she is not difficult to handle nor temperamental. In fact, my brother who is currently 6 years old always pulls her ears, rubs her head etc (you know how kids are!) but she has NEVER snapped, bitten or even growled at him! She is extremely sweet, and loves being patted, hugged, kissed and all that!

As for being difficult to handle, she is definitely not that either! I'm only 16, and I've been handling her since I was a kid! (not sure about how old I was. We got her as a puppy 9 years ago, so you do the math! lol) When I take her for a walk, she hardly ever pulls at the leash, unless she's seen something interesting or a cat. Even then, I can easily control her just by saying her name in a low voice. When I walk, she walks by my side, when I jog, she trots by my side, when I run, she runs by my side.

However, people who do not know her personality are very intimidated by her. Her sheer size alone can scare away some people! She's got a natural protecting/guarding instinct. I can list many examples, such as the time she was barking non-stop in the middle of the night a few years ago. My neighbour's house was found to have been broken into the next day! When I take her out at night, I leave her off-leash because she responds immediately to voice-commands. Sometimes we bump into strangers at night, and she will rush to my side and growl if the stranger comes too close. But she NEVER attacks.

She wasn't sent to a trainer, yet she does all this. I was told that her dam(mother) exhibited the same guarding instinct. So if you do get a Dobermann and send her/him to a trainer, I would imagine that the result would be a VERY good guard dog with a docile and loving temperament.

-= Tisha =-


Feb 2, 2002, 6:25 AM

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Re: [HWONG] watch dog-what to choose? [In reply to] Can't Post


Welcome to the forum.

The working breed mentioned by you can be diffucult to handle if they are not trained. These breeds are however visually inntimidating to make them suitable as guard dog.

As for the training, you have two choices. If you have some free time, you may wish to join the dog training class conduct by MKA. After 20 ~ 30 weeks of training, you should able to handle your dog and control them to a certain extent. Alternatively, you can send them to professional trainer who may charge you fee of RM 1,500 ~ RM 2,000 for obedience training.

Dog Obedience and Agility - http://www.puppy.com.my/ob/
Events' Pictures - http://www.doggie.com.my
Online Pets Memorial - http://www.rainbowsbridge.com.my

K9 Maniac

Feb 3, 2002, 1:50 AM

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Re: [HWONG] watch dog-what to choose? [In reply to] Can't Post

My understanding about Dogo Argentina, this is a breed that original bred as game dog apart from their natural hunting instinst. This is the link http://www.dogointernational.com/ that I have saved on my C drive long ago, please feel free to browse though!!! I do not think we have breeder here in Malaysia yet.

By the way, what is your expectation toward a "Good-Watch Dog"??? You may write me private on this issue.

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