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Barking, biting, scratching


Feb 21, 2004, 2:37 AM

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Barking, biting, scratching Can't Post

I totally have read the five minute madness thing and all bout puppies, but Zoe has been amazingly naughty and hard to handle lately especially in the morning. i'll wake up, she sees me, she'll wanna jump all over, and cling to my leg, once i say no, she'll bark...she scratch...bark and bark, then try to bite me....her hyper activeness in the morning lately last for hours not only few minutes anymore like it used to.

Can anyone help cause its really frustrating and we're really tempted to give her some physical punishment cause she won't listen to anything, even when we ignore her, she'll bark adn bark and come clinging to your leg like mad.
<-----Looks like a cockroach from this picture!!


Mar 29, 2004, 7:50 AM

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Re: [DoggiePuppy] Barking, biting, scratching [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi ...

Zoe is about 4 months old right? ... Sounds like your dog is behaving just like any other puppy ... ... Well, she is growing up ... and expressing herself ... All young dogs need attention, stimulation (both physical and mental), exercise and play ... You cannot expect a young and growing dog to sit quietly in a corner ...

Suggest the following:

(a) Make sure Zoe is getting enough exercise ... Taking her for a good walk in the morning to burn off some of that excess energy would be a good idea ... You will be amazed at what a little exercise can do ...

(b) You might also like to start systematic and regular training sessions with her ... Once you have the basic commands of recall, sit and stay well grounded ... your ability to communicate with her will improve ... and make it much easier for you to handle her when she is behaving in an unacceptable manner ...

If you do both of the above in a consistent manner ... I believe her behaviour will improve dramatically ...

Sufficient exercise & play ... sufficient and proper training ... will help improve a dog's behaviour ...

Cheers Smile


Mar 29, 2004, 8:15 AM

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Re: [surchinmy] Barking, biting, scratching [In reply to] Can't Post


Yea she's already four months plus by now. I posted that longggg time ago it feels like.

Now she's no longer like that, many things changed in few weeks time actually. She don't bite and scratch anymore even if she does its minimal and in fact, she's learn much more command than just sit and recall that makes me soooo proud of her. Especially now she learn things like just one time of lesson, she'll remember it even tommorow and the week after and so forth.

She even learn how to call ppl when ppl forgets to feed her during treats time(feeding fruits which she loves). I'll haf fruits session with her at nite I just need to tell her `eat fruit' and she'll go to the fridge. So once I stop giving her the fruit and look elsewhere, she'll touch my leg with her nose so I'll answer her with a yes while she looks and wait for next feeding. So cute ain't it?

She even learn how to find three toys of her by command once we ask her to find she'll be on alert mode and find the one we mention. Kai kai also, she'll be alert, look outside and go to where we keep her leash and look at the place anxiously waiting for me to bring it down and put it on her so we could go for walks wor. So happy.

Didn't expect so much could come with this little puppy, I only expect her to be a companion, she's done more than that already....goshhh...I could write a book about her so I better stop now or ppl might complain I speak too much of Zoe. Thankssss for support anyway.

Most of her photos including latest ones can be found here if you're interested

<-----Looks like a cockroach from this picture!!


Mar 29, 2004, 7:46 PM

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Re: [DoggiePuppy] Barking, biting, scratching [In reply to] Can't Post

*Laughs* ... guess my posting is late ... like really late ... Tongue ...

Am real glad that the little 'un is growing well and all is fine ...



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