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Ikano ??

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Jun 28, 2005, 3:30 AM

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Re: [mich] Ikano [In reply to] Can't Post

Sure~ Other members that know any other restaurant that allow doggies pls inform us too~ Need to eat lunch or dinner after walk walk de~
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Jun 28, 2005, 7:25 AM

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Re: [Amanda85] Starbucks @ Ikano [In reply to] Can't Post

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i've been shopping at IKANO recently. almost every weekend.
but unfortunately i only notice ppl bringing small breed dogs.
and they are always being carried up by their owner. seldom i saw any walking with leash.
i've always wish to bring my medium size dog to shopping. but my dad said that the guard will chase me out.

Just took Donno to Ikano last Sunday. Parked at B2, took the pet lift up, walked on leash, visited Pet Safari where we bumped into anohter retriever waiting by the dog area. Got my 10kg supply. A bit hyper though when walking around in the mall so we didn't stay long and didn't take any pictures. Should have though.

When getting into the lift there was a family going in also, and since they were Muslim, I asked them if they were ok a dog joined them in the lift and although they waved to Donno, they said "sorry, hope you understand". I guess I really found that very easy to accept, and didn't take it as a prohibition, but more a mutual non-intrusive understanding of each other's lifestyles and norms.


Jun 29, 2005, 9:01 AM

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Re: [mich] Ikano [In reply to] Can't Post

hi sorry for the late reply ... ohhh now i think got lots of the shop got put the sign : no dogs allowed lor... haiii samo when go to pet safari still hav to use another lift...

now i don think ikano is a real pets friendly place larrr... haave to find another place again :(
Frown ....
Frown Frown


Jul 1, 2005, 9:20 AM

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Re: [mich] Ikano [In reply to] Can't Post

really sad to read all this issue about unfriendly places n ppl towards doggies in malaysia. malays r not allowed to kena dog's seliuh not totally cant touch them! my malay fridns in singapore told me last time in some mid. east country, they have guard dogs like afghan hound to jaga the palace mah..... though lots of us plan to have a big parks with facilities for the doggies, but the chances of us getting the lincense is very slim. Frown i love dogs alot, everytime i go europes or states, the dogs can walk freely everywhere...i feel so happy for them, but feel bad for my doggies at home. singapore is slighty better then malaysia but still lots of places doesnt allow dogs..

New User

Jul 1, 2005, 6:34 PM

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Re: [jefran] Ikano [In reply to] Can't Post

I think we should not give up. Majority of chinese in malaysia own a dog and i think our rights to enjoy ownership of dogs should be entrenched somewhere. any expert advise on mode of complaint.


Jul 1, 2005, 8:18 PM

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Re: [mich] Ikano [In reply to] Can't Post


I am no expert in law. But I do know our constitution is basically based on the British one which is a very good one. It guranteed basic human freedom.

But the problems is the law has been modified or new law has been introduced many times until I think the originator of our constitution alsoo cannot figure out what has happened. So do I? What about you ? Frown


Jul 6, 2005, 7:42 AM

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Re: [Ich_liebe_Puppy] Ikano [In reply to] Can't Post


i know wat u mean, but british's law think "lost in malaysia" d.....now malaysia is so muslim...just that it's better then other muslim country in the world only. i'm a one of the superb dogs lover, i oso like anyone here thought of bringing a place where everyone can bring their doggies to, let the doggies to meet friends, play n enjoy together with owners, but lots of things have to consider..:(

though my furkids r living a slightly better life here in singapore but one day i have to come back malaysia, that's worried me. worried that they cant b as happy as living here, that's y i'm thinking too....-.-" how i wish malaysia can change a bit, b more open minded a bit then we, the one with furkids will b happy, enjoying life here more....Dogs r human best friends, they just cant understand that...


Jul 7, 2005, 10:52 PM

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Re: [llchoong] Ikano [In reply to] Can't Post

Actually Ikano is not pets-friendly. I carried my Shih Tzu there and while walking on the ground floor, a few guard approached me and told me that I am not allowed to bring pets into the shopping area. Mad

The ONLY area allowed for pets are the Pet Safari. Previously I got lucky with Starbucks as the Store Manager allowed my Fluffy to stay in the Starbucks. But after that, another shift store guy just asked me to leave.

I even made an official complaint to the Starbucks management and I was told that since the Starbucks (Malaysia-wide) do not allow pets in their shops, they are not going to bend the rules for Starbucks Ikano...

We must find a place where they do welcome pets because I always wanted to spend a good quality time with my Fluffy during weekends outside of the house. He has been a poor boy boy since he got to stay at home most of the time....UnsureUnsure


Jul 10, 2005, 6:53 PM

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Re: [Ich_liebe_Puppy] Ikano [In reply to] Can't Post

Consider something. If the British derived constitution looked after the interests of its citizens, you have to remember that in Malaysia, Muslims form the majority of our society, and as in Britain or most other apparently more "dog friendly" societies, sensitivities and acceptabilities do take into account of the majority of neighbours/pedestrians/park-users/mall-visitors, etc.

In Malaysia, I think acceptability is more something that needs to be developed. For generations, most dog owners have kept dogs in close confines, and things like walking dogs, taking them for rides or to parks and public places have not been the norm. In fact, most people grew up with the impression that a dog roaming a public place is a stray with no responsible owner accountable for its actions. Of course sometimes the occasional dog-bite injury, frightening growl at a jogger, or dog-dung experience can spoil great efforts to make dogs more acceptable in public.

From experience, its not only Muslims who avoid dogs and prefer dog-free premises/outlets/venues. Non-muslims who also cannot accept dogs in shopping malls and restaurants for other reasons (whether personal, misguided, or real) are probably more common than Muslim dog owners in the middle east too.


Jul 12, 2005, 2:00 AM

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Re: [donno] Ikano [In reply to] Can't Post

Think dat u’ll b hard pressed 2 find a genuine pet friendly shopping centre/ mall anywhere in d world coz d general rules of hygiene apply…ie. no pets allowed in enclosed premises where food n drinks r served. Ikano hs never professed 2 b pets friendly, only certain lifts n d Pet Safari store allows pets.

Dat said, dis is Msia after all n d ‘Msia boleh’ spirit is alive n well. Most people r genuinely friendly, flexible n will bend over considerably 2 accommodate customers n visitors…n sometimes our dogs as wellSly. Anything goes n dats d country’s main selling point. Just hv 2 b courteous n follow some ground rules n u’ll find ur dog being more willingly accepted at makan minum premises with outdoor seating (c thread ‘Msians love eating out…n so do deir dogs’ 4 some of d ground rules).

Hv been 2 a no. of cafes, restaurants, stalls with our dog n 2 date hv only actually encountered 2 premises which did not allow dogs. With d multitude of eateries in Msia, d options r there 2 enjoy a nite out with ur 4 legged friend.Shopping malls r a totally different proposition all together…ven it comes 2 welcoming dogs.

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Jul 24, 2005, 9:00 AM

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Re: [Shinya] Ikano [In reply to] Can't Post

Perhaps you should try the restaurant called Red Herring at IKANO...I bring my Sushi there for few times and the staff are very friendly too although some of them are Malays. They welcome us to sit at the open air area and the Sushi actually sit on the chair too but they are Ok with this. The food there are nice too~

with attached is Sushi pic taken there.
Dogs Lover
Attachments: sushinightlife01.jpg (26.9 KB)

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