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Chow for my son?

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Jan 11, 2002, 9:03 AM

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Chow for my son? Can't Post


I have a 6 yr old physically and mentally disabled son and we decided to get him a dog. We were given a chow mix (half full chow have mutt I suppose). The puppy is extremely well mannered, friendly, calm, and loving. I have been told by several people that I should not have a chow for my son because they can be aggressive. My son may accidently pull her fur or something like that (son has cerebral palsy). I am concerned that my sweet puppy, by nature will have a change in her demeanor as she grows up and attack my son. Can any one give me any advice? We want a dog to keep in the house as a companion. If I should not have this dog around my son, we do have a pen outside for her.

Also, if the chow is not good for my son, we have an oppurtunity to adopt a poodle. Are poodles good companions for children?



Jan 11, 2002, 3:28 PM

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Re: [mashley] Chow for my son? [In reply to] Can't Post

Welcome to this forum.We are sorry to hear that you have a handicapped son. We wish him well and hope that he will get better as he grows older.
Under such circumstances, I strongly do not advise you to get him a dog that is of mixed breed. I know the characteristics and the temperament of a pure breed chow, but it is the other half that is of unknown quality and questionable.
The other alternative in adopting a poodle is fine, but here again, is the poodle a puppy or a full grown dog?
However, I have a suggestion that you may wish to consider. The choice of a pet dog for your son is rather difficult, the following should be considered.
The pet is preferably short/smooth haired, for easy maintenance. It must be reasonably docile in nature and should be introduced to your son when it is a puppy of 10-12 weeks old. This puppy must come from parentage of known qualities. The size of this puppy when fully grown has to be taken into consideration. But most important of all, your son must also have a liking to this puppy. It is pointless to just get him a puppy when on day one he is indifference to this animal.
Where do you stay by the way? Are you based in KL/Selangor? I am from Subang Jaya and I do have some 30 odd years of experience with dogs. Perhaps I could help you on this matter if you could post me a private message thro this forum.


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