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Oct 10, 2002, 6:10 AM

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This is a website you hosted by yahoo, and one can join the mailing list. There are many topics, i.e DogFood, HolisticHealth, Aggression etc. There are online experts who will email you and help you out.

I emailed the HolisticHealth expert abt Axel's vommiting and how he loves chewing on my tree barks/leaves/grass, and the answer I got was that maybe he is lacking in certain enzymes, and I need to feed him an enzyme powder (tak faham). - I just thought this was normal pup behaviour!

Also, the expert was a little repulsed that we use heartguard and she told me:-

"****YUK. I feel so sorry you have to give this to your dogs. There are alternatives and are available through only one homeopathic vet that I have heard of in the USA. I would suggest when you use this or any other chemical on this dog that you do a detox for a month, at least get rid of the toxins in the pills if nothing else."

(also tak faham how to detox! anyone with any clue?)

Also, I was informed that Starflower Oil was the best coat supplement.

Anyone else subscribing to these mailing lists?

Dog Kichi

Oct 10, 2002, 3:50 PM

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Re: [delithra] www.k9u.com

I didnít subscribe to the mailing list, maybe Iíll register. You can use charcoal where you can get it at pharmacies or Chinese herbal shops. You've to feed it alone with water only. Food isn't allowed because it'll deter your pup/dog from absorbing the nutrients from the food, while at the same time, the charcoal couldn't clear the toxin properly. I used to have powder charcoal that bought from Korea, but it has finished. So now, I'm using the tablet form. For powder form, you've to feed to your pup/dog preferable 2 hours after/before meals. For tablet form, it's at least 3 hours. Anyway, you can crush the tablet 'till it became powder - I do this for Munji. The air is polluted, so even not because of the medicine, you can still feed charcoal to your pup/dog.

Other form of detoxification is usually through fasting & feed your pup/dog on water only. If we want to feed the food, then feed on simple food & in smaller portion & at longer interval so that the organs can digest the food quicly & don't need to work so hard, while at the same time have the time to clean the systems.

Other type is through using herbs like dandelion, burdock, etc - it's part of the daily supplements, but I'm not sure whether you can use human supplements from the shelves for your pup/dog. You should check with the herbalists from hollistic/homeopathy centres.

I guess they recommended starflower oil was because it contains higher GLA than primrose oil.