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wonderful things my dogs can do


Oct 2, 2002, 6:44 PM

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wonderful things my dogs can do

I was in a really bad car accident on monday afternoon. I thought I had killed my mother-in-laws two only children and myself. It made me think, among other things, how much I would miss my dogs. So I want to share some of the fantastic things my dogs do which remind me everyday how lucky I am to be alive.

Sheeri is a mongrel and real clever. She is like the doggie ambassador of our area. She knows all the dogs and plays tag with them. Sometimes she gets her treats out to give the other dogs. (crazy right? so expensive you know those doggyman dricd chiken things!) But the cleverest things that she has done are to toilet train our second dog and wake my husband up when I need him. When he sleeps "tidur mati" takes on a whole new meaning. Telephones, alarms and all sorts go unnoticed. Once, I was locked out of the house (forgot to bring key) and he just wouldn't wake up. Sheeri was locked into the room with him so I just called her name. WQithin minutes, the sleepy husband came to open the door. He said that she had jumped onto his chest and licked his nose. When he didn't wake up, she stuck her tongue in his mouth (yuck! serves him right for not waking up) HAHAHA!

Monty is a maltese. He is very loving and intuitive. He is the one who helps my husband to "jaga muka". No one really listens to my husband because he is too lenient. Even our little cousins and the neighbours kids come looking for him to "go and play". Anyway, Monty always obeys him which makes him feel like he's not a total dog training failure. Sheeri just looks at him as if to say "what are you looking at me for?"

man, it's great to be alive - alicia


Oct 2, 2002, 7:06 PM

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Re: [alicia] wonderful things my dogs can do


Glad to hear that you and your loved ones escape unhurt from the accident. Reading yr account, it's funny how we regard the simple things in everyday life as those we hold dearest. It's not the big house, or the shinny new car or the day we graduated, just the simple things in life, our family and friends and of course, our furkids!

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Oct 2, 2002, 9:10 PM

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Re: [alicia] wonderful things my dogs can do

Hi Alicia...recently a lot of bad things happened to my family - accident, sickness etc...

Well, the first thing strike my mind is my little Kiddi girl.....how is she, who taking care of her and will she miss my absence????

I think she is a bit too young to do all kind of tricks..hoping very hardTongue

But she is my angel, she always wake me up early in the morning (makes me mad sometimes)

Pretend to be a good girl if I scolded her and will obey my instruction instantly at least for a few minutes untill I smile againCrazy What a clever girl huh...

I take her along whenever I go to stay in my mom's place becoz I scared they do not know how to jaga my girl!



Oct 2, 2002, 10:07 PM

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Re: [alicia] wonderful things my dogs can do

Hi Alicia,

Great to hear that you're OK and safe from the bad accidient. Yeap, right, something a simple thing in life, people tend to take it for granted, but once u lost it or about to, you will know that Oh............aiyahhhhhhhhhhh, i should be like this and that, i shouldn't do this and that.

But anyway your furkids are very adorable and cute in a way he can jumped onto his chest and licked his nose. When he didn't wake up, she stuck her tongue in his mouth (yuck! serves him right for not waking up) HAHAHA!

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Oct 3, 2002, 5:29 PM

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Re: [boon] wonderful things my dogs can do

thanks for the replies. just wanted to let you know that the dogs were not in the car at the time. for some weird ( but fortunate) reason, my sister insisted that she wanted to have them for the weekend.

also, please be careful when driving on the north south expressway. for one, the insurance adjustors have confirmed that there was debris in the water that i drove through which caused the crash. secondly, the plus staff are really abominable. they wanted to beat my husband up. finally, the tow trucks stopped on the hard shoulder before we even stopped spinning.



K9 Maniac

Oct 3, 2002, 11:46 PM

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Re: [alicia] wonderful things my dogs can do

Sounds like a very serious accident.. Glad that u and ur family are OK.Smile

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