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Walking my MS ...


Aug 13, 2003, 5:29 PM

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Walking my MS ...

Well I finally succeeded in getting her to walk on a leash outside yesterday (lol ... it took a while) but why is it that every time we cross a small drain (like really small) or a different kind of pavement or a change in gradient of the slope, she will come to a screeching halt! :P .. I literally have to baby and carry her through these sections after numerous futile attempts at getting her to "step over" the line :P lol .. and she stops completely when she sees or hears a vehicle approaching. She does continue walking right after though ... :P. Anyways I can help Coco overcome her fear of / distraction by traffic and "change" of sidewalks hehe. This also includes small elevations .. eg. footpath to road that kind ...




Aug 14, 2003, 8:01 AM

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Re: [stanleysi] Walking my MS ...

Hi Stanley,

First of all, congrats on having the patience to let Coco getting used to walking with her leash! Don't worry about her hesitancy towards some new obstacle in her path. To us, it may seem small, but at her eye level and her current size..wow! that tiny drain looks BIG! Shocked

She is just beginning to explore the big,big world out there.. Give her time and as she builds up her confidence (with your patience), she'll learn to tackle the obstacles in time and in her own way. My MS used to stop at drains..now, they just jump over it. However, bear in mind, my MS are all adults now.

Rdgs Arthur