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What FAQs would you like to read?


Jul 3, 2003, 8:08 AM

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What FAQs would you like to read?

Hi All!

Thought this might be a good starting point to see what sort of FAQs the forum members here would like to read. Feel free to add to the list below:

1. How to housebreak(toilet train) my puppy..

2. What are the things or issues to be aware of before buying a puppy..

3. What is a purebred or pedigree dog? What is a MKA cert?

4. Vaccinations..what are they?

5. Must I protect my doggies from heartworm? What is heartworm anyway?

6. Where do I go to send my dog for obedience training?

7. What does the do?

8. Where do I go to look for breeders?

9. I want to import/export my dog but dunno where to start! Please help!

10. What is a microchip? Why must microchip?

11. Any doggie friendly hotels in Malaysia?

12. I'm interested to show my dog. How do I go about it?

13. What is a Malaysian Champion? Grand Champion? and how does a dog becomes one?

14. I want to participate in obedience trails. What are the rules and how do I join?

15. What is a match exemption show?

16. Are there any pet cemeteries in Malaysia?


Jul 3, 2003, 8:23 PM

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Re: [arthur] What FAQs would you like to read?


1)What are the places in malaysia that you can bring your dog along?

2)Dog 101...what u must prepare before getting a dog.

i'll try to think more

owns Enzo, then Zeno, now Zoe'n.....later Nezo,Ozne, Noze, Zone, Ezno, Onze, Zeon etc. anymore?