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On the verge of putting up for adoption

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Jul 4, 2016, 7:55 AM

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On the verge of putting up for adoption

me and wife had a white schnauzer (suspect has a little mixture) since 2010. We bought her from another owner at the age of 5 months. We were curious as to why the owner seems so eager to get rid of her but wasn't paying much attention to it earlier.

we brought her back, spayed her, groomed her every 2 weeks, bath her every weekend, bring her out for her business twice a day (morning and evening), feed her the best, bring her to parks to run around during the weekend like how to treat our previous 5 dogs for the past 5 years...

Initially, it was the frequent and irritating urine and poo everywhere in the house ... this we tolerate. we still allow her to roam around the house and sleeps with us in the room but on the floor...

Our nightmare begins when we found urine and poo on our mattress, floor carpet, sofa etc. She would end up on the roof (yes, you heard right) of our house. I remembered my neighbour in two occassion
climbed the ladder to reach her. She would gone berserk shivering and scratching the bedroom doors if it is raining/thundering. Then she would do even during the normal days. We had sleepless nights and we have a toddler too.

Then we figure that we would keep her out of the bedroom but she roams freely. But the midnight banging on the door is not helping. Urine/Poo everywhere as well. Dog lovers suggest to exercise the dog to reduce her hyperness. We invested treadmill. Nothing changed.

Then we kept her in the kitchen separated by a baby safety gate. Initially she squeezed through in between the grill (2-3 inches wide). We improvised but later she would knock down the entire gate. and the cycle repeats. The noises she created started to irritate our neighbours. She is a small 6 kg dog.

We would later keep her in a custom made cage at the car porch. In the process of getting out, she had bleeding gums. So we left the cage's gate open. She will banged on the main door/gate asking to enter. Pity her - we let her in. yea... cycle repeats

During her entire 6 years with us, she is a runner. She escaped from the kitchen, from the front door, from the roof, from the window. We improvised with a fenced gate. She destroyed the fence and off she went. She never returns home. On countless times, she will end up at someone's house - a few neighbourhood away, mostly when her photo appears in the community facebook group. She is famous, and so are we. bath her in the morning, she's all dirt by the afternoon.

I just came back after cycling for 1 hr looking for her. I found her at the guard house of 2 taman away. I am all sweaty, tiring, frustrated and angry.

No peace keeping her in the house
No peace keeping her outside either

You pity her in the cage then you pity yourself when she is out.
After 6 years, we feel that the dog doesn't like us and will do things on purpose to test our patience and run away whenever possible. Money spent on trainers were wasted as well.

What else can we do before we seriously consider finding her a better home? Please advise...