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Distichiasis (eyelashes turned inwards)


Nov 1, 2012, 7:30 AM

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Distichiasis (eyelashes turned inwards)

I hv a shih tzu who is now in her 10th year. Recently the white part of her left eye developed redness and upon checking with the vet a small hole was spotted and so a special type of eye drop was administered.

After a week, the redness still stay, although improved a bit. I went to vet with my dog today and now it is found that she has distichiasis, which means she has eye lashes that turn inwards so these lashes cause irritation to the eye and which in turn causes redness.

May I know if anyone here who can help and share their experiences in this? Certain breeds have this problems.

Currently I am giving her a cream type oilment. According to the doctor the cream serves to create a protection layer between the eye lashes and the cornea so the irritation will not be that great.

He mentioned surgery, but we didnt go into that deep due to a lack of time.

Can you please kindly share your experiences because it is painful to see my dog having to live with the oilment.