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The expression of dogs showed their emotions


Aug 7, 2012, 7:55 PM

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The expression of dogs showed their emotions

Many people are used to know that how to understand the dogsĄ¯ language. Maybe they are fond of the Dog house owners give them. But they have to accept that. For the weak, dogs will show a representation of the authority of the roar. When the the hounds hunt their prey, most likely to issue this sound.

Dogs were bullied will be issued "Oh Woo ..." sad cry. Puppy bitches leave, or feel cold or abdominal pain due to various reasons, issued by a hum of high-profile voice. Fighting or that angry, the dog will groan, which is an expression of disgust or anger voice. In addition, when the dog was sad, but also issued a nasal, which is expressed "sorrow", "no way" means. These are all the normal sound of dogs showed to express their expression. Such as: when the dogs do not like Collars & Leashes you bring to them, they will also fell unpleasant. And issue this kind of howl sound.

More you want to know for your dog, the best way for owner is observe them in the daily life. Collect some more special ways you dogs would like to express.