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Bathing a Shih Tzu

K9 Maniac

Mar 12, 2012, 7:45 AM

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Bathing a Shih Tzu

Hi~ I need an advised...

Past few weeks, my dad bring back a shih tzu from my dad's friends. The friend was saying that his friend no longer wanted the dog.. not sure why...

anyway, we name her sushi. ^.^

Previously we had a shih tzu before. but passed away due to old age. but that was so many years ago. Thus, we have some experience on taking care of this breed..

but.. i've some problem with bathing sushi. she seems like haven't been bathing for years.. =.= he body odour is really very strong. no matter how many times we bath him (not one shot. we bath him once a week), the smell is really very strong. Even after the bath, the smell is still there.

actually, that is not the problem as well. the problem was bathing her. she seems like so fear of water. i try to give her some treat. she's really very brave. she try to stay still when i'm bathing her body. but once i reached till her head. she kept on moving. she even rejected the treat Crazy

i had another 10 years old spitz.. of course he's (shiro) very obedient. I even bath shiro first. To let sushi see how i bath shiro. but then she still can't overcome the fear. I know that everything takes time. But is there anything that I could try..??

~L0v3 SHIRO 4 EveR~