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dog being attack by a bigger dog

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Feb 14, 2012, 6:48 PM

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dog being attack by a bigger dog

My dog got attacked while walking in the neighbouhood,
seems that the perpetrator was my neighbours dog,
The bigger dog attack my dog from behind, my dog as its smaller size was powerless in the fight and as a result the bigger dog(dalmation) puncture 4 holes on my dog's back leg.One is the deepest where my dog need to be given g.a to make an incision to flush in saline solution. Luckily the owner came and restraint the dog in time if not further damage could be done..

The owner of the dog agree to pay for the damages.
but the pain to my dog has been done..

to dog owners whats the best way to defend or protect ur dog from a bigger dog out there.


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Dog Kichi

Jul 22, 2012, 6:34 AM

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Re: [gohgalo8] dog being attack by a bigger dog

I never let my dogs out on their own. Whenever I take them out, they'll be on leash. I'll carry a scoop and a stick for protection against irresponsible owners who let their dogs out on their own.

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