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Grooming deal RM9 you get what u paid for, free nasty barbs from Proprieto

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Aug 28, 2011, 12:22 AM

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Grooming deal RM9 you get what u paid for, free nasty barbs from Proprieto

Hi everyone,

I want to share my experience on a current RM9 deal offered by a dog grooming house in SS2 .

At RM9 for basic grooming, i braced myself to be "persuaded" for additional services on my visit. So doggie & i went.

Attempt #1 : Would you purchase 5 more packages for RM288. ( i politely declined).
Attempt #2 : Your dog fur is tangled. You need to pay RM30 for detangling . (politely declined as i am aware of the additional charges for detangling)
Attempt #3 : Good that you dont want our detangling service as it brings big pain to your dog. You need full grooming service at RM80. We can shave your dog. (i declined again but begin to be slighly irritated)
Attempt #4 : You need to pay RM10 for us to clean your dog dirty ears. ( but the terms of service included ear cleaning. They are crossing the line of un-ethical coupon biz now)

At this point, i started to protest and state that pls, just groom my dog per your deal, and i am not interested in any additional services. This is when the person-in charge there started getting rude & nasty . She then yelled at the foreign workers to finish up my dog quickly...

So in short, brace yourself for additional sales attempts on top of "your pittance of RM9", and if you are really brave enough to decline all, make sure you dont cheese off the person at the grooming house. After all, your dog is at her mercy ... oh, she will also throw barb comments targetted at "cheapskates" that this customer can't be a dog lover , if your dog fur is in such a tangled state :(

Would not return to this grooming house as long as this nasty person who wears a white coat is working there. Doggie, i would not leave you with this person, even for an hour .



Sep 8, 2011, 7:15 PM

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Re: [sweetapple] Grooming deal RM9 you get what u paid for, free nasty barbs from Proprieto

Dear Sweetapple,

Oh my....this is very bad business ethics..perhaps you should give the full address of this grooming house so that innocent pet owners will not be conned into the grooming deal of RM9/=. It is just not fair to our pets.


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Oct 13, 2011, 11:36 PM

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Re: [sweetapple] Grooming deal RM9 you get what u paid for, free nasty barbs from Proprieto

Hi! Coincidentally I was browsing through this Dog Grooming thread and saw this post about the RM9 deal offered by this petshop. I myself bought this coupon & If I am not mistaken based on this scenario, I think you are the person that I recognize when I was there to use their services as well. I would like to share & comment a little here when I was there too throughout the whole session.

Attempt #1: It was their duty to inform everyone about their packages that they offered & it's up to individual to have it or not without any obligation.
Attempt #2: After evaluation of doggies, the groomer brought your doggies out and told you to witnessed them yourself on their hair condition, I was there too & yes, your 2 doggies hair are indeed in bad condition. Was full of tangle & matted which is deep into the skin. As the coupon stated there is an additional charges for tangle/matted but u didn't pay either while knowing your doggies hair is in that terrible condition & doing nothing about it. But of course, it's your decision and doggies are also at your mercy to decide for them too.
Attempt #3: You told the Groomer that your 2 doggies hair was tangled and matted plus seeking advise on what's the solution. Therefore, the Groomer advise u that it's best not to comb all the tangle as it will stresses your doggies and they will be in pain too and best solution was to shave the hair which is RM80. From what i see here, groomer is giving you an option to choose on which is best for your doggies and not forcing you that its a MUST to do any of those.
Attempt #4: Coupon terms stated ear cleaning is included but maybe your dogs ears are extreme dirty than usual that is why they charge for additional RM10 for both dogs. Like you said too, don't cheese off for any of them, likewise, ended up you paid nothing too.

Like I said earlier, I am not siding anyone but based on what I see and what you said about this petshop and their services, is totally different than what you said. And I think it is not fair for them as well for you to make your judgement and bad mouth them by making your own accusation? Regarding the yelling thing, from what I saw at that time, the person in charge there have to speak louder than usual as the workers was at the back of the room blowing your dogs hair with the 2 big blowers. With such a loud blower noise, its rather hard to hear people calling them. Therefore, maybe it is you who might have actually misunderstood that the person there is being rude with you or yelling at your doggies?

I think at that time, you sounded harsh and not too politely to the people around there too because you felt agitated? Though you are being harsh to them, but they still treat you and doggies at equal level which i think they deserve a credit too.

In Business, not only pets, there are good & bad service provider around. Maybe you are unlucky enough at that time and you felt that they are not providing you the service that you expected it to be. Then you are here to create stories and make it looks like a big issue.

This forum is open for pet lovers and discuss about pets. But you are taking an advantage to bad mouth people and not letting them to come out and defend themselves. If that day I weren't there and I didn't witnessed all these, based on your statement, I might believed what you said is true. That is why now I came up and tell others the true story about your statement here. Before badmouthing or framing others, think twice whether are there any witnesses around.

Anyway, have a nice day.


Oct 14, 2011, 11:59 PM

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Re: [bubumck3] Grooming deal RM9 you get what u paid for, free nasty barbs from Proprieto

Dear bubumck3,

Thank you for taking the trouble to clarify the unfortunate episode. I am glad to know the truth.

You have a great day !!