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Nov 13, 2010, 4:37 PM

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Is there really a pet Overpopulation problem?
I know Backyard Breeders adds to the shelters problem,
what about the Reputable Breeders?
I know some good breeders breed their dogs in hopes of having 1 good show dog in a big litter of puppies.
What happens to the ones that can't be show dogs?
Do any of those puppies contribute to Overpopulation?

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Canine Addict

Nov 14, 2010, 4:32 AM

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Re: [Fred2'O] Overpopulation,,?


IMHO, there's actually no over-population problem, there is a HUGE over-abandonment problem though & it comes from idiots who buy dogs in hopes that they will satisfy a need the animal is never capable of. When you get a dog because you have a GENUINE, REALISTIC need for one, you don't go dump it, you use it till it dies. None of my dogs have ever ended up in a pound, they stay here till they die.

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