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Unconditional love of a dog


Mar 20, 2010, 11:20 PM

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Unconditional love of a dog

Dogs are the best.

I'm making the hardest decision on my life now, about putting my 16 year old Chewie down.

She was fine but started deteriorating rapidly like all her 16 years are beginning to show.

Yesterday the wobbliness in her legs got worse, today she can barely stand for a few seconds.

I love her and I dont want her to suffer and she's not eating or drinking well.

I've grown up with her, my parents gave her to me when I was 11 and crying over my puppy who had died prematurely due to an illness.

Chewie was adopted from a shelter as a 2 month old pup who licked away all the pain.

I still have my other 2 furry kids to ease the pain.

Chewie is a fantastic dog and the love all the dogs have in them in unconditional.

I'll always love her. My childhood dog. She's been there through it all- major exams, leaving for studies abroad and returning etc.
~ A dog is the only one who will love you more than you love yourself~

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