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Thinking of getting a Doberman puppy, plz advise

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Mar 6, 2010, 3:37 AM

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Thinking of getting a Doberman puppy, plz advise

Hello everyone,

Allow my to introduce myself, I am 27 years old and have been living in malaysia for 2 years, working as a french teacher in KL. I'm originally from France and my gf is from here.

I am new to this forum and I come here looking for help and advice from experienced dog owners regarding the oncoming choice i'm gona have to make very soon.

My gf and I just moved to a house in the suburbs. It's a large link house with no garden but a large front yard (enough space to put 3 cars+).

I've never owned my own dogs, but have grown up with several dogs, so i'm used to them.
I can say I understand basic dog psychology, i understand dogs aren't human (that might sound funny but it seems like not everyone agrees on that!;).
But I have never trained and raised my own dog myself.

The breed that I really like the most is the Dobermann.
I'd like it to be a good guard dog but also a good companion for jogging, trekking and nature outings. Btw not looking for a showdog with prestigious ancestry, just nice and healthy will do.

Now, I read so many articles on the doberman and got so many different informations on this breed that I really need some advice as to whether my house is suitable for this dob (no garden), and if I can do well with it even though it is gona be my first own dog.
and of course, as i'm working i can't be there all the time but I don't do long hours so I have reasonable free time.

I also would highly appreciate any sort of feedback from dobbies or ex dobbie owners who've got first hand experience with this breed in Malaysia.

Lastly, I'd like to find out where to find the suitable puppy...Places that can be trusted for selling mentally and physically healthy dogs??

I find it hard to find my way around here as I come from France where we have lots of reputed breeders dedicated to one breed only.

But here it seems that my only (affordable) option would be to buy from a puppy shop or a backyard breeder. I don't mind that but to what extent can they be trusted in terms of ethical breeding etc...

Lastly, is having a dog an enjoyable experience here in malaysia, is it possible to bring it to a mamak and "yam cha" with the dog sitting under the table, what's people behaviour towards dogs here, and where to find a good puppy training class?

I'm sorry if I ask too many questions, it's just that I don't know anyone who has a dog here and I'm convinced that I cam to the right place to gain the most relevant and helpful advice available in the country.

Please advice and a thousand thanks in advance for any input


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Mar 7, 2010, 11:03 PM

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Re: [fretless] Thinking of getting a Doberman puppy, plz advise

Hello, besides the long posting here...bet there are more things in your mind at the moment that you would like to find out. Not to worry about getting a puppy or a dog for now. Since you are getting various information about DOB and it would be your very first dog, be patience on this subject...there are few member in this forum have excel having DOB as their choice, and i am sure you get advise from some of them ( members ID PSY ) ...You can also put up a posting at Members' Introduction...Hope you'll have a nice time here.

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