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westie or silky??

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Nov 1, 2009, 7:48 PM

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westie or silky??

hello there...this is my first time posting here..hope it would be a help..ok. Im actually a student and im planing to get a dog for my sis because our really old american eskimo dog past away. he was a part of our family and his death is nothing than pain to us. i cnt see my sis crying any longer...she was in fever for few days!!!!i dont wana burden my parents anymore because i think they are doing too much for me and my sis. so that now i get a part time job..i thought of getting my poor bro and sis a furkid!! since they are so down...so my question is which breed is better..either silky terrier or westie??becoz my bro wants a silky and my sis wants a westie!! and of course where to buy these dogs at reasonable price...because im not really loaded...just tutoring stnd 1 and 2! i cnt do much...but i cn wait!!and i can definitely guarantee that d dogs will be in good hands...because our dog past away when he is 9 and he was so pampered that the whole evening we would a locate only for our dog he was nothing more than a baby for us!so please people help me to fulfill my sister and bro.s hope!!

thank you

i need a .

Dog Kichi

Nov 3, 2009, 4:28 AM

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Re: [kalai265] westie or silky??

sorry to hear about ur loses.. but have u think for adoption??do check out any maybe u can hop into one...