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How to bring my puppy from NZ to Kuching?

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Aug 15, 2009, 1:46 AM

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How to bring my puppy from NZ to Kuching?

I want to bring my now 4 month old puppy back to Kuching in about 5 more months. I''ve checked with some pet exporters here and they are VERY EXPENSIVE!!! NZD2500 on average. So I'm thinking of organising the move myself. I did lots of research myself and have learnt about lots of the procedure involved. But I'm scared that I'll miss out some things and delay the move = more $$$. Has anyone brought back their dog from NZ before? What procedures did you went through? I know there's pre departure vet visits, vaccinations, AWEC certification, MAF certification, export petmit,oimport permit etc. Since I'll be going to Kuching, I'll need transhipment in KL = more procedures and uncertainties for me!!!!!


Aug 15, 2009, 2:14 AM

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Re: [CorgiPaws] How to bring my puppy from NZ to Kuching?

Hi CorgiPaws.

What sort of budget ru looking at? U could SMS me @ 016-9 0 4 6 2 9 9 and I will tell U the procedure or better still give me your e-mail address I'll tell you how it is done.