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Sean from Exel Kennel a BIG Cheat!!!


Jul 20, 2009, 3:07 AM

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Sean from Exel Kennel a BIG Cheat!!!

Just want to warn everyone regarding Exeline Kennel located in gelang patah Johor.. DONT BUY ANY DOGS FROM THEM.. They are a cheat and is running a puppy mills.. My friend bought a GR puppy from them for RM2500.. so called Champ bloodline... the puppy died after 2 weeks.. she brought it to the vet to check and according to the vet, the puppy has distemper virus which can effect thru air.. now she is scared about the health of her kids.. When she confronted the owner Sean, he just rudely say the dog dies because she never take care of it properly.. Im posting this thread just to warn everyone not be another of his victim... !!!