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Jul 11, 2009, 6:12 AM

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Hello we are a group of American Bully enthusiast from Malaysia starting out with few American Bully owners and ended up having more pet lovers coming into this breed.
Bully INC. was introduced since 2008, to unite all American Bully lover in the country, which aims to promote the breed in the most positive way.
The site aims to connects every american bully lover around the world, and to take the breed to the next level.We gladly welcome everyone to join us in www.bully-inc.com

Dead Game and Tryin' to Scratch...
Give me victory or give me death,
I will make history and gain your respect.
Take my lesson, or take my life,
Triumph is blemished in the absence of strife.
I have great pride, for I am unequaled.
Win, lose, or tie, there won't be a sequal.
Its unexplainable and seldom viable,
but I am dead game and thats undeniable...

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