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Mar 10, 2009, 7:55 PM

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Skip Vaccination

Hi, everyone.theres one q i need to know from expert out here.i have a dachshund, Oni, he's 6 month old now.his last vaccination was on 14/11/2009.until now he havent receive any vaccination becoz i just brought him home since he was 5 mth old.that is becoz the previous owner didnt bring him to the vet becoz they have no time for it.so i bring him home and i wanna know is it ok for a 6 mth old puppy havent get his 2nd jab that he suppose to get it 1 mth after his 1st jab.Any comment?Frown

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Mar 26, 2009, 12:05 AM

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Re: [qme465] Skip Vaccination

first of all... u mentioned a wrong date.... because we have not reached november 2009 yet.....

speaking of vaccination..... if u wan to find out if the puppy is fine..... then go check out from the vet

All you need to do is just to do a full blood test and that is all.... if the puppy is ready for second vaccination, the vet will tell u that it is ok to do the vaccination..... so no worry ok... :)

Tell your vet about this puppy's medical history.... might help the vet treat the puppy correctly.... :)

But a blood test will tell everything.... :)

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