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New Puppy to Ex Parvo House, guide me please


Mar 1, 2009, 10:51 AM

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New Puppy to Ex Parvo House, guide me please

My puppy was dead nearly one months d.
From the first week she leave me , i already clean the whole house with dettol.

By the next week i clean it with clorox.

Until now I clean with clorox should be more than 4 times d.

And now I'm planning to bring a new puppy to a new room that my ex parvo puppy never enter before but in the same house.

I try to move everything out from the room and totally clean it with clorox.

But i'll use back the same cage to keep the puppy. But confirm it's clean by clorox and under the sun for few days d.

Can I know it's approvable to bring in a new puppy?

Can someone please tell me your experience by keeping new dog from ur ex parvo dog house after one months plus.

Did it's safe to do that? Thanks


Mar 2, 2009, 5:41 PM

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Re: [davidyet] New Puppy to Ex Parvo House, guide me please

From your descripption it seems to be safe to bring another puppy home. Do check with your vet on what other precautions you can take. My vet will soak the cage in clorox for a few days. Also do make sure your new pup has been vaccinated before you bring it home. Vaccinate and wait 1 week.

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