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Any right food to recomend for my labs!!!


Nov 7, 2008, 12:44 AM

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Any right food to recomend for my labs!!!

Gooddays to all lab lovers,

I had a 4 months old lab and which currently i'm feeding her with rice and kibbles (holistics chicken & rice).Last week i went to a pet shop and they recomend me some of the formula ingredients (gel type) which they said its good for the labs growth and good skin coat.Shall i buy those stuff for my dog in order for her to growth in nice and healthy?

I always get confuse on choosing the right dog food for my labs as each pet shop always recomend me thoer BESt food of all.


Dec 2, 2008, 8:21 AM

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Re: [chris_hew01] Any right food to recomend for my labs!!!

hi, I have a lab too.. :) she's one year old ++ now.. I'm giving her Addiction Kangaroo & Apple dry food plus Perfect Summer Brushtail (Raw Dehydrated Food) now.. She's quite ok with this brand.. just that it's quite expensive..

Then, other than this brand.. you can try Orijen or Innova.. when she grows older (adult), you can try to give her Innova Evo.. cause the protein is high(40%+), so if you give it to puppy, your puppy will grow too fast and might have some bone problem (bone grow slower than muscle.. :))... so, give her those high protein dog food after she's an adult dog will be better..