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Looking for dog adoption


Aug 22, 2008, 9:11 AM

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Looking for dog adoption

Would like to have a dog as companion, ideal size would be toy or mini (shih tzu or poodles would be ideal - you know limited space), living in condo with a housemate, neighbours all chinese, several of them with dog, security guard, hmm wont be a problem mostly all of them are friends, management? -not strict lazy ppl, Let me know if your interested *PLZ think carefully b4 posting to this thread and let me know in your posting why your letting go for adoption - *be honest

Will be giving you contacts in private msg *avoiding spams


*Toy sized or mini - shih tzu or poodles

*Male - (female heat or season so would be kinda messy)

*Age - a year would be good cuz adults are more independent - no separation axiety, Pups (will have to consider)

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