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Help Needed!!


Jun 24, 2008, 7:55 PM

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Help Needed!!

hi i got a fren who call me last nite saying tht she saw this 2 pups in Bukit tinggi Klang. this 2 pups are pure breed Silky with MKA cert. base on my fren she said this 2 pups have been ther for almost a year and she found out tht this pet shop got it cos of high demand but refused to sell it got they got skin problems...so cut da story short the pups are healthy again but da demands goes down and if still nobody want this pups the pet shop will send it back to the breeder and most probably will become breeding machine so if any one plan to hav a silky as pet...do think bout it and let me know....
i am not a seller or anything...and i know it may cause a trend in da net but if any one hav any suggestion do let me know....