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dogs with KCS or CSK (dry eyes)

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Apr 2, 2008, 8:12 AM

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dogs with KCS or CSK (dry eyes)

hello everyone, My puppy of 7weeks recently undergo a third eye lid flap surgery because he had cornea ulser, I think while he was playing with my cat, she accidentally scratched his eyes. His condition is fine now. However I notice that there's a spot right inside the 3rd layer of his sklera,after reading about it online, most of the forumn told me it is genetic. however I couldnt put my mind at ease and brought him to 5 other vets.

One of the vet in bangsar told me to try OPTIMMUNE which contains cyclosporine because he still has a slight scarring on the first layer but it is nothing serious. Which at the back of my mind, i think he doesnt really know what he is doing cos other vets who did the test told me that the scarring will remain due to the scratch. but he is alright.

I paid for the vet bills which cost me rm95 for consultation. and another rm70 for the OPTIMMUNE eye drops.

later, when i search online, i discover that Optimmune which contains cyclosporine is to HELP dog's with chronic keratojunctivitis sicca (KCS) and Chronic superficial keratitis(CKS) in dogs. Better known as DRY EYES.

After applying one drop on each eye, i discover that this medication has caused excessive tearing in my pekingese eyes. I stop using it immediately and consulted a doctor from USA. He told me OPTIMMUNE is to use for dogs with dry eyes and told me to discontinue using it.

The packaging is still brand new with an expiry date in JULY 2009. I found out the price online that it is selling for 26USD. After doing the conversion it should come up to about RM83 for 3.5g size

So anyone of you, if your dog has dry eyes. I would appreciate it if you would consider buying OPTIMMUNE from me than ordering it from the vet or online because mine is still full. Price is definitely negotiable. I do not wanna throw it away as it is pricey for such a small tube but research has proven that it works perfectly for dogs with dry eyes which can cause blindness in the long run.

for more information about the product do visit www.optimmune.co.uk/treating-kcs

call me at 012 2325335 if u are interested to buy as you can't get it here in Malaysia. If you order it online or from vets, it will be costly.

thank you.

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