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Help ! How to train 5 months shih tzu peeing and poo problem

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Mar 3, 2008, 6:05 PM

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Help ! How to train 5 months shih tzu peeing and poo problem

Just brought home a five months old shih tzu puppy home, a stubborn fellowMad, like to mark all over the house, and finally he settled down at one spot, where is inside the housePirate. Tried all ways to train, he simply refused, and the paper train also doesn't work, insisted on the spot, what I put paper on the spot, this fellow tear it into pieces, peeing and poo there againUnsure. OMG ! Can some expert here give me ways to help, thanks !


Mar 3, 2008, 11:03 PM

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Re: [desmond29] Help ! How to train 5 months shih tzu peeing and poo problem

Hi Desmond29, I am having the same problems as you, so I 'tumpang' your post and hopefully forumers will give us suggestion and both of us will benefit from here.

I brought Mickey a shih tzu home 3 months ago when he was 7 months old, at 1st, he pee poo at our balcony(I live in an apartment), then now he pee poo all over the places, living room,bedroom and even jumped on my daughtes's bed and pee there. I use an old clothes and stick on some of his urine and place it in our bathroom, hoping that he can pee inside the bathroom(I trained my mixed Poodle this way) but he refuse to go in at all. I even punish him with newspaper by saying a stern NO to him and showed him his 'great job' but he still pee & poo all over the places after that. I almost give up now and plan to send him for toilet train by professonial trainer, but that will be my last choice only, I hope puppy.com forumers may have a better suggestion before I send him for professional trainer...thanks!

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Mar 5, 2008, 8:28 AM

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Re: [desmond29] Help ! How to train 5 months shih tzu peeing and poo problem

Aiyoh, I don't know why many owners want to try paper training. Forget it, it won't work I tell ya! It's not natural for the dog to do it on paper. I've tried this before with my Golden & it did not work at all. We were so stupid enuf to not bring her out. Just walk on the grass & she'll do it with no problem. That's all, problem solved!

Just bring your dog out for a walk until he finishes spraying all over til his tank is empty then only you'll bring him back home. About the marking problem. Becoz it's a new environment & you JUST brought it home, what do ya expect mah. Some more it's a male. Males are always like this one. They will mark but I'm so surprised that he's doing at a very young age. Is he lifting his leg to pee or does he do it like a girl?

You'll need to teach & tell him that it's wrong to do it in the house. Another way to stop him from marking too is to put a few coke or any other drinking bottles filled with water around the ares you don't want him to do. e will stop becoz somehow, the bottle makes them not want to do it near there for some reason. Try this but he may do it at other areas so you'll still need to teach him by giving him a firm, "NOOOO!"

If you're consistent with him, then he will learn it fast.


Apr 15, 2008, 9:42 PM

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Re: [Amber.Faith] Help ! How to train 5 months shih tzu peeing and poo problem

tq bro. got an useful info bout this 'marking' problem... ^^ so u mean by using filled bottles can prevent them from marking inside d house? dunno y... but is it true that every 'shih tzu' being in a new environment or new home cant get use to peeing and pooing in the proper place? y so..., may i ask? or they dunno where the toilet is? hehhehe..... Frown

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Apr 23, 2008, 6:19 AM

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Re: [Amber.Faith] Help ! How to train 5 months shih tzu peeing and poo problem

5 month old Shih Tzu can be brought outside after vaccination but what if it is just around 2 months+. My little one just gotten 2nd vaccine only. Been telling my little one to go to the cage but he simply just wont go. Mad He likes to pee and poo around in the room, since I keep him inside the room only, he also pees and poo on my bed.. Pirate Any solution for this? Unsure