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plan to get a GR and hope can get some advice


Jan 16, 2008, 11:28 PM

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plan to get a GR and hope can get some advice

hello everyone...i plan to get 1 Golden Retriever after few month because now i have some financial pro....i hope that get 1 when my financial problem can afford it.....bt problem is, in this few month time, i hope that i can learn max knowledge about how to own and take care GR well because i know that is not easy to own a dog and i no exp to own a dog before.....just hope that owner of GR can give some opinion or idea to me...of coz i oso done some research about hw to take care and own a GR..but i would like to ask, my hse oni a double storey hse...is that enuff space to own a GR? and oso wan to know around hw much the maintanence fee cost for a month? because i saw that GR will grow until big and they need lot space to exercise....of cos that i plan to take them out exercise everyday if i own a GR...Beside that, izzit GR suitable for leave outside the house when they grow up and big size? of cos that when still puppy will live inside house.....thx...


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