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Why do you keep your dogs outside?

Old Kaki

Dec 1, 2007, 8:54 AM

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Why do you keep your dogs outside?

I still don't understand why so many owners especially those who own pedigree dogs, keep their dogs in the porch.

We all know that there are many dog napping going on nowadays & so many pedigree dogs are either being stolen to be eaten or to be sold or they run out through a hole somewhere in the fence or drain especially those houses that are not renovated.

We do not keep our dogs in the porch 24/7 becoz we know it is not safe & eventho our house is renovated with 5ft tall walls, a tall electronic gate & an alarm, we know that it is still not safe for them to be out there unsupervised whether in broad daylight or at night.

Just recently in my area Puncak Jalil, another case that a Golden Retriever has been stolen. I'm getting sms's, emails & even seeing posts here that so many pedigree or nice looking mixed breed dogs being stolen or ran out of the house.

I think ALL dogs should be part of the family & should be IN the house not out. I know some people who do care & love their dogs but are kept outside all day without letting it in the house.

Dogs tend to shed & maybe you think the dog messes up the house or maybe you're afraid that it will chew & destroy something in the house or have accidents. Well, I think you should put some effort into training the dog instead of doing it the easy way by letting it stay outside all day.

Some owners are very fussy becoz the hair is everywhere & will fly into their food. I find alot of my dog's hair in my food & all over the floor but I don't mind. I just vacuum & mop the house everyday! No big deal...

I also think that those dogs who are put outside at night, is very dangerous. I'm sure you all know this. You don't know what freak has been watching you & your dog everyday & one day, that person will take the opportunity to steal your dog especially a dog that is so friendly & even puppies who are helpless.

If you want to keep your dog outside at night, it's better to put it in a very strong steel cages so that the dog nappers can't cut the cage with a plier, and also use something to connect the cage to the wall by drilling it in & then lock the cage with a padlock so that those fellas can't open it & steal your dog.

The dog nappers will have a very had time trying to do so... I think this is very very very safe if you want to leave your dogs in the porch at night. You don't have to worry a thing plus, those fellas will make too much noise too & you guys will be alarmed.

Many dog napping cases are happening in broad daylight than in the middle of the night these days. So what you could always do is also put a camera in the porch connected to a TV so that you can watch what ever your dog is barking at the gate & whoever is walking by your house. We have one of those & we can see what ever is going on in the porch & outside our gate. It's very useful...

Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is that, treat your dog as part of the family. Not just like a pet dog or like a guard dog who can take care of your house. I see even Shih Tzus & Min Pins in the porch. I mean, what can they do to protect your home? Just one kick & they go flying!

So, if your dog goes missing one day when you're out or in the middle of the night when you all are sleeping & he/she was left in the porch, I don't think you should even bother to post about it here or anywhere else coz 1st of all, why did you leave your dog outside in the 1st place? You know that this can happen anytime & there's already so much you can do to trace back your dog.

Hope you all don't misunderstand me here but I just hope that all of you won't leave any of your pedigree dogs outside in the porch after reading this coz, it's just not right & who knows? Maybe one day your dog will go missing too & then, that's it! Your loved one is gone forever!

It feels terrible loosing a family member & I I'll never take that risk by leaving my dogs outside by themselves without me being in the house to watch them 24/7...

K9 Kaki

Dec 1, 2007, 8:18 PM

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Re: [Amber.Faith] Why do you keep your dogs outside?

WOHOOOOO well said!!! bravo bravo bravo......

My dogs are indoors and yet when I bring them back to Melaka, even though indoors, my mum always feared ppl will throw things into the house and them being hungry ghost will go and eat it. So she will say, leash them up, put them far away from the window. When we go out, close the window and leave as many fans on for them. Crazy Not say worry bout ppl dognapping them. But scared ppl jealous that my dogs are pedigrees and hence want to poison them. Crazy Maybe she has some truth in it lah.......but hey, they get better treatment from my mum than I do mannnn....... I panas gila in Melaka also she use turn all the fans in the house to face them only. Crazy

I also very kesian when ppl leave their dogs outside. There is this really cute ACS that stays outdoor in this HUGE bungalow in SS2. Yeah even tho they provided a pretty expensive dog house for the fella placed just beside the maindoor, but still.....the poor fella has to stay outdoor all the time. Also in SS2, there is this Husky perpetually outdoor exposed to the rain and sun. Ok lah, the fella got a mutt to teman the fella outdoor lah, but hey the mutt got short coat wor......the poor husky dah lah long coat, double layered somemore.....no wonder the fella is always sooo lethargic. Kesian lah.......the mutt, don say lah, super hyper whenever see ppl around. Tongue

yealah ppl say dirty lah put dogs indoors, fur everywhere lah bla bla bla bla........i answered someone before what makes them think that we humans dont shed at all? Just because we dont have fur, doesnt mean we dont shed at all mah..... so if they think having fur in their food is gross, have they ever thought that they might be eating their very own dead skin cells too. Probably breathing them in as well and sleeping on them. What your eyes cant see doesnt mean it's not there mahh.... Tongue

I have 2 super shedding dogs and that if their fur is worth money, I would be the next millionaire in Malaysia mannn Tongue.......I have their fur blessed my food, drinks, water, shampoo and probably lining my bed too. And I am not even half as hardworking as u. I dont even mop or vacuum everyday. I try to once a week.

Sometimes to gross these ppl out even more, I purposely share my ice cream with my dogs. They take one lick, I take one lick. Well now, that's gross if u dont deworm ur dog. Heck, my dogs are dewormed more regularly than me mannn..... the last Zentel dose I ever took was in high school! My dog's last Drontal was a few months back. Now see who is more worm free. Maybe I'm the one passing worms to them and not the other way round. Hahahahahahahaha Tongue

Hahahah thats why I rarely go into the Lost section. I do feel bad if ppl say their house got broken into, all valuables gone, and pet dog also got carried away. In such case, pet dog was a bonus to them. They were after goods first and saw a 2k walking past them. So took together lah.....but some ah...... nothing to say...... putting a chi outdoor is equivalent to putting a garden gnome statue. Except one pees and poos and makes noise. Hahahahahaha Tongue

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Canine Addict

Dec 19, 2007, 9:03 PM

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Re: [steffy1811] Why do you keep your dogs outside?

welp i don't know about others but when sometimes I bath my friend's GSD he stays OUT! no matter how cruel he stays out doors ONLY! LOL have to cause he hates the hair dryer so the fastest way to dry him is the morning sun hahah so while he dries out with his bowl of Milk (yes milk for a 5 year old GSD), we sun bath under the morning sun with the GSD till he dries out which doesn't take that long since most of the water is flung out with his wobbling fats when he shakes HAHAHA

but yea...no matter how much a dog sheds...they shouldn't be kept out doors for long periods UNsupervised. if u are afraid of the shedding, then geez do your research and get the chinese crested dog or something something with no hair maybe?