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Success story from across the globe


Aug 21, 2007, 10:27 AM

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Success story from across the globe

Thank goodness for puppy.com.my! Just last week, my two poodles had been missing for eight days. My family in KL had been searching the streets frantically, passing out flyers everyday. Feeling extremely helpless all the way across the globe in the U.S., all I could do was get online and find organizations in KL that I could call. SPCA's staff said to try puppy.com.my. I got on the website in hopes to post a 'lost dogs' ad...instead, I found a 'found dogs ' ad!!! And as the page loaded up, an image of my two poodles came up...cheerful and clean! They are now reunited with my family, thanks to the kind hearted soul who picked them up off the dangerous roads, and modern technology of course! It still amazes me that I can locate my beloved lost pets from across the world! In the end, the poodles went on vacation without our permission...and they will never be taken for granted again!


Mar 25, 2009, 4:16 AM

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Re: [honeyham] Success story from across the globe

Wow you must of been relieved when you saw your poodles online... I would of been to worried to search online that is how weird I am see even the smileys are against me....... And Not to be rude how did you lose your dogs ???

Someone hates Marry Poppens