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please help my beagle..


Mar 21, 2007, 10:37 AM

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please help my beagle..

Hi everyone..

My beagle was 5yrs old.He is facing fur lost,abt 50cents big.I brought him to c doctor.The doctor jz ask me to shower him by medicated shampoo,named MALASEB Medicated Foam.I tried for nearly 2 mths tym..The problem hasnt been solved.Last 2 weeks,i brought him to c another vet,Gill.But,the condition still d same..FrownFrown
Last,i bring him to c goverment vet in alor star,the vet gave him injections and asked me to bring him for injection 3 days continuosly.After all,the vet gave him antibiotic,vitamin(in liquid) and cream to apply..But,no improvement...

Anyone can help my beagle?Anyone can intro me more experience vet in PG?

Please help me..

Appreciate much...Thanks...
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Apr 8, 2008, 9:47 PM

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Re: [sharon82lim] please help my beagle..

Hi there,

It looks pretty serious, try feeding your dog Cod liver oil capsules (Seven seas brand). My dog had skin problem too and it helps. it also gives the dog a nice coat.

Another things is to not to use too much floor ditergent when mopping your floor. My Suggestion is to just use Detol and water. Hope this will help.