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How to clean a puppy's ears


Nov 13, 2006, 11:18 PM

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How to clean a puppy's ears

Hi all,

Is it advisable to clean the puppy's ears ourself or should i leave it to the vet? If we can do it, how?


Hugo's mum


Nov 14, 2006, 6:11 AM

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Re: [chiatsueyhorng] How to clean a puppy's ears

Regular ear check-ups and cleaning is a must! Check their ears at least once a week.

Many pet owners do not realize that dogs can grow hair in the ear canal, even large amounts common to Terriers, as well as other breeds. This will lead to Ear infections from water trapped in the ear canal.

Common ear problem signs are:
- Head shaking and ear scratching.
- Ears sensitive to touch.
- Discharges and powerful odors.
- Swelling and skin redness.

When you discover your dog have serious ear problems you may choose to gently clean the exterior area of the ear of dirt, wax and other matter, and seek immediate veterinary care.

Ear cleaning tools:
- Commercial ear cleaning solution.
- Cotton bud

1. Lift the dog's ear flap and expose the inside flap the ear facing you. Using your thumb and index finger, quickly remove hair as needed around the external ear opening. Pull in the direction of hair growth and only small amounts of hair at one time.

2. Few drop of commercial ear cleaning solution into the ears canal, and close the ears flap and rub in a circular motion for about few second. Allow your dog to shake out the dirt/wax.

3. Moisten cotton ball very lightly (absolutely no dripping) with a small amount of commercial ear cleaning solution, and swab and clean the ear canal area outward to the ear flap. Repeat as needed. This procedure may soothe irritated skin from the hair removal process depending upon the ear cleaning solution you use.

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