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Need some info from min pin lovers


Oct 19, 2006, 6:30 PM

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Need some info from min pin lovers

Hello, I'm new here & need some advise from those experinced min pin owners.

I'm planning to get a min pin male/female doesn't matter. Is it advisable to crop their ear & dock tail. I saw those min pin who got cropped ear & docked are so "cool". How much it cost for the operation? crop & duck on young or adult age?

I'm really a newbie & need some more information. I heard there's some bad of min pin & I can't saw that in the pet shop that those lil puppy bark alot & very noisy is it that's true & how are we going to handle it? I'm staying in an appartment that's why I'm planning to get a small breed dog.

Thx for viewing & for those who reply to my post, I do appreciate alot.