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Sibe info needed

megan's diamond
Dog Kichi

Aug 23, 2006, 7:34 PM

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Sibe info needed

hav a 4 mth old pup...she's not feelin too well...n im having mixed comments that she's nt as big as she should be, n some will say shes bigger than most husky pups etc...can any1 shr w me if u have a pup whts the height n weight of ur pup esp if ur pup is 4 mths old or younger? she seems to grw fatter bt not much taller n longer...my vet seem to tink she mite have some diases impeding grwths...just wana get some stats if its true...if yes...mayb then i will hav an answer to wht disease she has....pls help....cnt seem to get this info anywhr