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Can a dog become so Jealous ? I NEED ADVICE!!

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Jan 12, 2006, 8:24 PM

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Can a dog become so Jealous ? I NEED ADVICE!!

Hi All ,
Hope u guys can help me out here.
My labrador (casey) and Mongreal (chow) has been living together for the past 2 yrs.
Casey is a big time jealous pot and attention seeker.
Now the problem worsen at the sudden.
Casey woulnt not allow chow to greets me at the gate when i come home.It doesnt happen if my father comes home. They fight badly. They wont fight if i am not around. They surely love me a lot!!
This has been going on for 3 days now.. i need to take action fast but dont know how. i dun wan the prob to get worsen that i need to give up one of them.
Can a dog become so jealous ? Or should i not go home at all??? UnsurePirate

K9 Maniac

Feb 17, 2006, 6:20 PM

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Re: [lynnhue] Can a dog become so Jealous ? I NEED ADVICE!!

Donít worry. You can still go home. Cool AND, you are the cause of the problem, that is right. You have not established the hierarchy; hence, your dogs are fighting for the ranking. To establish a hierarchy you have to make the decision, that means you are the alpha (leader) of the pack (family), then all other human family members and then the dogs. Which one comes first? Which one second? You could accept the existing ranking (that is easier then trying to change that). Then commit all family members to adhere to it. Attend to the higher-ranking dog first, feed him first, etc. Interfere when they start quarreling and do not accept fighting, you are the alpha. Command the lower ranking dog into down position (submissive) first and the higher-ranking dog into the sit position (less submissive). Let them cool down and release the higher-ranking dog first. The fighting problem will be over almost instantly.