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Any1 got any adult Labs?

Dog Kichi

Dec 3, 2005, 2:14 AM

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Any1 got any adult Labs?

Hi every1, i was just wondering if any1 here has got an adult Lab 4 adoption. I can take in a Lab at around 2-3 years of age, or slightly more. Rest assured, your pet will be in good hands if it comes 2 me. Thanks.

Kevin Chuan

Dec 27, 2005, 10:14 PM

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Re: [christeh] Any1 got any adult Labs?

Hey Chris,

I have a Black Lab (female) for adoption name Maggie (7years old), my friend gave it to me as he his moving to an appartment. The problem I'm having now is, I have 2 male and 1 female AST plus a female Duschund, if I adop Maggie, there will be too many female for me... as I don't want to have any "accident" happen when Maggie on heat.

My location is Penang. If you want then you have to come to Penang to pick up by your own.

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Dog Kichi

Dec 31, 2005, 10:19 PM

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Re: [Kevin Chuan] Any1 got any adult Labs?

Hey Kevin;

Thanx so much 4 the offer ya, but a coupla weeks ago i have already adopted sum1 else's dog... Sorry... N since ur location is in Penang, i don't think i would be able 2 make it anyway... Why don't u spay the Lab(with your frenz consent, of course.)? By doing so, she won't go in2 heat, but she won't be able to produce babies either. It won't be difficult finding a home 4 her, considering dat the Labrador Retriever is a very popular breed, but do make sure she goes 2 a good home. To avoid sending her to a breeder, give the potential adopter the condition that she has 2 be spayed 1st, b4 she gets adopted, if ur fren agrees lar. Hope all goes well 4 u!